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BMW Introduces New Subscription Tech





BMW has sparked debate after offering an online subscription to turn on heated front seats in its cars for $10 per month.

A monthly heated steering wheel subscription costs $8.

Subscriptions have been available for features on BMW cars for some time but the heated seat offer started this month. The company says customers can enable all hardware features for a one-time payment if they prefer.

The features are available via BMW’s ConnectedDrive online store and are activated remotely, with no need to visit a dealer.

The manufacturer told the BBC that “where heated seats, or any feature available in the ConnectedDrive store have been purchased when a customer vehicle is ordered, no subsequent subscription or payment is necessary”.

But the company argues that the ability to add new features can be helpful for owners who change their minds after purchase.

And it is particularly useful, BMW wrote, for second-hand car owners, “as they now have the opportunity to add features the original owner did not choose”.


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“Marcellus Cox: A Filmmaker’s Journey of Passion and Purpose”




Marcellus Cox

Calling all film enthusiasts! Dive into the captivating world of Marcellus Cox, a talented filmmaker who is driven by an unwavering passion for the art of storytelling. From a young age, Marcellus has been captivated by the magic of movies, recognizing them as a powerful medium to visually express his thoughts and perceptions of the world.

For Marcellus, filmmaking is more than just pointing a camera and shooting; it’s a profound opportunity to touch lives through the stories he tells. With a deep commitment to addressing significant topics such as politics, social issues, and race, Marcellus fearlessly presents his work in an unfiltered and honest manner. He wants his audience to experience the same emotions he feels while watching his films, creating a powerful connection between the screen and the viewer.

How did Marcellus reach this point in his career? Through sheer dedication and a relentless work ethic. Every single day, he pours his heart and soul into honing his craft, constantly seeking room for improvement. By meticulously reviewing his work and taking notes, Marcellus ensures that each new film is a step forward, building on his previous experiences.

As a self-proclaimed film junkie, Marcellus is always watching and studying movies, regardless of their subject matter or genre. This insatiable thirst for knowledge fuels his desire to be the best filmmaker he can possibly be. Marcellus believes that hard work and continuous learning are the keys to unlocking his full potential in the industry.

But being a filmmaker is not just a privilege for Marcellus—it’s a responsibility. He recognizes the immense impact that visual expressions can have on individuals and society as a whole. You never know whose life you might touch with your work, and that thought drives Marcellus to push boundaries and create meaningful stories.

For Marcellus Cox, being an artist means being a storyteller. Through his films, he seeks to share his unique perspective and ignite conversations about the world we live in. But Marcellus is not alone on this journey. He acknowledges the invaluable contributions of his cast and crew members, without whom none of his cinematic creations would be possible. Their dedication and talent bring his visions to life, and Marcellus is forever grateful for their support.

Lastly, Marcellus extends his heartfelt gratitude to his producing partner, Armando Townsend. Armando has been there for him both personally and professionally, providing unwavering support throughout his career.

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Rahul Thakur is The Man behind the Rise of The Fortune Machine: How Investors are Making Huge Profits with the iFortune Coin




Rahul Thakur The Fortune Machine

The Journey of Fortune Machine App and iFortune Coin to the Top of the Crypto World

Cryptocurrency has recently become an increasingly popular investment option, with new coins and apps launching daily. Unfortunately, not all of these projects are equal. Possibly the most exciting is the iFortune coin, a cryptocurrency designed to function smoothly while also being a smart investment option for those looking to improve their lives in eye-opening ways. A big part of the token’s appeal is the Fortune Machine app, a revolutionary staking and mining app allowing iFortune coin investors to earn significant passive income.

This article will explore the app, the token, and the community’s appeal.

The Fortune Machine app provides users with staking and mining facilities for iFortune coin, making it easy for beginners to earn rewards. The app has gained significant attention in crypto due to its high staking and mining rewards.

More than 100 people reportedly earn over 100k a month on the platform.

To celebrate the app’s success, the founders have even taken target achievers on international tours to Thailand, Dubai, and Goa, India, showcasing the app’s potential for making investors huge profits.

How the Fortune Machine App is Changing the Game for iFortune Coin Investors

The Fortune Machine app has revolutionized the staking and mining game, providing a unique investment option for iFortune coin investors to mine and stake the token without the investment associated with mining and staking other cryptocurrencies.

The app’s developers have focused on providing a user-friendly interface, which, combined with high staking and mining rewards, has made it an attractive investment option for everyday people and seasoned investors.

The Fortune Machine is an app for iOS and Android devices. Using it to stake and mine only requires a few minutes daily, illustrating the big difference Destinewood delivers in their ecosystem: with the right crypto-token backed by the latest tools, investors can earn significant profits without deep knowledge or hard work.

This powerful dynamic has skyrocketed the Fortune Machine app as a significant emerging player in the crypto world, providing a high-reward investment option for iFortune coin investors. The app’s unique features have allowed more than 100 people to earn over 100k monthly on the platform, which is life-changing money for anyone – especially with many of these people coming from the regular working class and even financially challenged backgrounds not long ago.

The app has also garnered attention for its stability. It works well without any technical headaches, something that has plagued many other crypto-related applications.

Celebrating Success With iFortune’s Founders

To celebrate the Fortune Machine’s success in transforming lives and show appreciation for its investors, the founders of Destinewood Ltd, Rahul Thakur and Wendy Winterburn, have organized three international tours to Thailand, Dubai, and Goa, India. Each tour provided 100 target achievers with an opportunity to connect, enjoy themselves, and see that their lives are now operating at a whole new level.

Thailand, the first destination, is known for its beautiful beaches, exotic cuisine, and vibrant nightlife. The target achievers were treated to a luxurious stay at a resort. They enjoyed spa treatments, explored the local culture, and networked with the iFortune community, culminating in a world-class party.

Dubai, the second destination, is famous for its lavish lifestyle, skyscrapers, and luxury shopping. The target achievers were taken on a five-day trip where they enjoyed the desert kingdom, which is a stunning mix of the past and future, where intelligent economic opportunities are embraced completely.

The final destination, Goa, India, is a popular tourist spot known for its beaches, seafood, and nightlife. The target achievers were taken on a five-day trip where they enjoyed a beach party, dined like kings and queens, and had a farewell party.

Overall, the international tours provided a unique opportunity for investors to network and celebrate their success while enjoying luxurious accommodations and exciting activities in exotic destinations. The tours were a testament to Fortune Machine’s growing success and the founders’ commitment to changing lives and building community.

Rahul Thakur and Wendy Winterburn have often spoken about their mission to change lives. The ongoing events like this show they practice what they preach.

iFortune Coin – An Investment Option with High Staking Rewards

iFortune coin is a BEP-20 token created on Binance Smart Chain, designed by Destinewood Ltd. To be at the cutting edge of crypto tech, opening the door to vast opportunities for growth and prosperity. The token was founded in early 2022 and has since gained popularity among investors due to its potential for good returns and long life as more enthusiasts jump on board.

The token is currently available on the LA Token Exchange and LBank Exchange and has been covered by every major cryptocurrency and blockchain news outlet.

One of the critical features of the iFortune coin is its high staking rewards. Investors can stake their tokens on the Fortune Machine app and earn rewards. These rewards are higher than those offered by most others in the industry while also having less risk due to the company’s infrastructure and mission. This makes the iFortune token an attractive investment choice both in the short and long term.

The iFortune Debit Card – A Convenient Way to Use iFortune Coins

The iFortune debit card is a convenient way for investors to use their iFortune coins. The card allows easy transfers of crypto to fiat currency, can be used internationally, and is easy for most people to be approved for.

The card aims to remove the middleman, making transactions less costly, faster, and more efficient. This is clearly playing into iFortune’s rising popularity.

The iFortune debit card also takes security very seriously, with many safeguards in place to avoid theft and scams that have sometimes been associated with other debit cards in the crypto space.

The Fortune Machine: A Bright Present and Future

Fortune Machine app is a revolutionary staking and mining app that has allowed investors to earn significant passive income. The app’s success in the crypto world has been shown in black-and-white results experienced by its investors. The founders have even celebrated this success by taking target achievers on international tours. The combination of the iFortune token and the Fortune Machine app is delivering investors high rewards, ease of use, and convenience, making it an attractive option for those who want to find a way to break free of their current financial and lifestyle limitations.

For more information and to read the iFortune Coin White Paper be sure to visit


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TLC Creative to introduce new R-Dogs at Super Bowl LVII alongside Jason Derulo




TLC Creative RDOG

TLC Creative , based in Los Angeles, is a creative and marketing agency that provides a range of services such as event production, video production, graphic design, and digital marketing. The company has been in business for over 25 years and has a reputation for delivering high-quality work to clients in a variety of industries. TLC Creative  prides itself on its ability to bring innovative ideas and cutting-edge technology to every project they work on. Whether you need help with a marketing campaign, a corporate event, or a product launch, TLC Creative  is equipped to provide you with a full range of creative and production services to help you achieve your goals.

Jason Derulo and TLC Creative (head office in Los Angeles, CA) began their creative relationship years ago. Jason’s presence on TikTok was exploding so his team reached out to TLC (@tlciscreative on Instagram) for ways to enhance the spectacular videos with special effects.

Skip forward to 2022. Prior to the Super Bowl,  Jeremey Strong, choreographer for Jason, paid a visit to TLC’s Demo Studios.

While the creative minds were bouncing ideas around the table, Kevin Bilida (owner of TLC) blew a whistle and in came R-Dog. Jeremey became fascinated with the Robotic Canine and pondered the idea of a dance with Jason and R-Dog. A video of R-Dog made its way over to Jason’s creative team and within moments, the wheels started turning. How hard would it be to modify the current  dance routine for the TikTok stage at Super Bowl LVII? TLC and the engineers at Stokes Robotics assured Jason’s team that it could be done.

So, this Sunday man’s/woman’s best friend will take to the stage with Jason Derulo for a one of a kind performance.  Make sure you watch it Live on TikTok NFL.  For a sneak-peak or for post-game updates visit (


After-party for Philadelphia Eagles at Hyatt Place. Jason Derulo will be performing. R-dogs will have a nap and be back onstage performing twice in one day. They love an audience.

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