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NOMADS are changing the landscape of the music business



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Digital society has changed dramatically over the centuries and this ‘modern’ process has had a profound effect on the lives of individuals; at present we live very different lives from those ancestors who lived five generations ago. There are differences of opinions about whether we are living better now or not; and as a result there are disagreements as to whether we should continue to modernise things or instead try to slow down the process. The quality of life in a community can be measured by how long its inhabitants live and how happy they are.

Using these indicators; we assess whether digital development has made life better or worse; Everything is speeding up thanks to such group of people  the Nomads’ .

Introduction of Nomads Group:

Established in April  of  2020 . The n0mads are a creative collective cultivated off of the thought that we as a society are on the cusp of a digital age that will be based off monotony and conformity. We see ourselves as the glitch among the circuitry of society and want to be the front runner in developing the next generation of artist and creative entrepreneurs who are able to navigate the lucrative entertainment industry. The n0mads brand prides itself on creating a group of future forward thinkers that are educated in the subjects of financial literacy, credit and anything associated with the understanding of how to use money. We also pride ourselves on creating a safety net for all members by helping them establish business credit and setting them up with long term financial policies through our financial brokerage partner COR partners out of LosAngeles California. With their knowledge of finance and having long term policies to back them up once they are finish with their rap careers they are setting themselves up for a  great future outside of music.

The stage name for the brand is n0mads. The brand is comprised of members Flyboi Rell, Lava God  , MB Love , Sieng Beats  , Alex Cox and Slimelambo. The main focus of the n0mads brand is to prepare artist by educating them in the subjects of financial literacy, understanding of business & personal credit and teaching them the ins and outs of building their own music business.

Nomads’s Achievements:

The brand biggest accomplishment is the drop of the self -titled album “nomads” that garnished over 100k plays that has helped us build an expansive network of entrepreneurs, financial advisors, digital marketers and music business professionals to use as resources for the brands next music drop.

Nomads’s Future endeavours:

Our next move is to go on a promo/publicity run for all the brand members from late spring to the tail end of summer.The purpose of this run to refine the connections we already have with attaching a face to a name. Also to get them more publicity through radio interviews, instudio performances, networking events and other things. We are also using this run to start working on our next brand album/ EP. Every location we touch down in we want to get a studio session going so members can experience making music in different settings.

Music Link :

A project that we are currently working on is adding to our NFT Project. Slimelambo started the brand off with simple NFT trading cards to add to our Open sea collection that are selling for 0.005 ETH. We are working on expanding this collection into 3d characters and other advanced projects. We hope to one day create a 2-D platformer game for some of our biggest songs we have out right now. 

Nomads says: In 1 year the brand will be traveling as much as possible to meet with people and do events that will help build our publicity and give our artist the exposure they deserve. We also see ourselves having a more refined business structure and being able to implement all the business plans we have into practice.

One of the brand artist Flyboi Rell is getting geared up to drop his next album OKAMI around March/ April.

How to connect with Nomads groupe:

Social Links 

Website : Brand | n0mads 

Instagram link:



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Singer/Songwriter DeneQuia dominates the charts



Singer/Songwriter DeneQuia

“MOVIE” is a song by Singer-Songwriter DeneQuia which features music star James Worthy distributed through Humble Sound Music Group. The song gives a vivid description of a story outlining the fantasy of love and lust between a man, and a woman in romance.

Denequia James Worthy Movie Cover

The music video shows both artists on a rooftop overseeing the view of their city gazing into the moment. Upon its debut, the song has now earned over 1 Million streams, and has charted #16 on the Shazam charts, and also #130 on the R&B/Soul iTunes chart. The song is available on all streaming platforms, and digital stores for purchase, and download.


IG: @denequia

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Recording Artist Presise Is An Artist You Should Have In Your Playlists



Recording artist Precise

For many of us, music has a healing impact on our bodies and mind. Studies revealed that music touches the deep emotional centers in our brain and helps attain catharsis.

It is not smart to allow someone to talk you out of something that you feel is the right thing to do within your career or life. He just wants people to understand that he has built his brand and music fully represents his personality.

Atlanta Recording Artist, Presise, is letting his fans know he has no plans of letting up, with the upcoming release of his album. Precise will be releasing his lates Album “Titled “F*ck you” Dec 13th the album will consist of five honestly raw song with leading singles “How you feel”, and “Money Dance”.

Born in Pine hurst NC, Presise talks Growing up in a small town and sneaking out as a teen to attend parties, this allowed him to be inspired by almost every artist that made great radio/party music… for example, Missy Elliot, Busta Rhymes, Wu-Tang, DMX, Ja Rule, Jay z and many more. The artist got his name from a childhood friend after hearing him rap for the first time and disagreeing with his selected name.

He recently told blogs that out of all the artist he had been inspired by Rapper Eminem was the one who inspired him the most to begin writing. Presise is known all over Atlanta to throw and attend some of the best parties and events, one of the many desires he picked up early in his childhood.

Precise is known as an entertainer with abilities in music and film, with his latest debut in “Meet The Snows” that features his song “Clocks” which was released earlier this year can be found on TUBI.

Being In love with all forms of performance art makes me a true artist, These days with the internet… You can do what you want to do and be who you want to be…. “Presise”

I still get the euphoric feeling whenever I write a solid verse/record… The moment that stops, I’m done making music…. “Precise”

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FlyJaee Is Being Popular By Releasing Quality Music To His Fans




Music is one of the prerequisites of life- not many people can admit to not being a fan of music. It is for this reason that there are many rising artists making their debut every year. One of them who has been stealing the spotlight with his charm and talent, is FlyJaee Kentucky based music artist. FlyJaee is a rising artist from the heart of horse cave, Kentucky and the ceo of Jaees exotics a designer bully kennel based out of Kentucky. He is quickly rising in the hip hop ranks by releasing quality music focusing on popular trending matters. Having the ability to make records focusing on such a wide range of topics is a gift alone in itself, and also seems to be a gift that FlyJaee possesses.

He has been making music going on 6 years & his first song/ project was the gooey guys mixtape form the triple beam team label based out of Tompkinsville, Kentucky. He has features from burchwood tez ,Rob run, cashmoneyshad, And working on opening up to more artists. He is completely independent and not signed to a label. Curretly he is working on releasing first mixtape named free the gooe!!

FlyJaees motivation comes from being a small town artist who branched out And has linked up with major artists such as bigmoochie grape, big uncc from paper route empire label, sauce walka, rmc mike and plenty more. He has also set down with major producers such as Shawtyfresh at street execs located in Atlanta Georgia and discussed and broke down his music.

He said; We have released one compilation mixtape produced by dj reezy and the 2nd edition to that tape is on the way name gooey guys return. I have my first mixtape dropping January 2023 named free the Gooe I’ll have 10 songs and a few features on there from Kentucky hottest artists other than that I look to drop 2 videos every month and get out these unreleased catalog I have about 200 songs.

Next release will be his first mixtape dropping in January and be looking for plenty of videos and vlogs sharing his experience.

Social Media

FlyJaee – YouTube

IG®️ich®️apperz (@flyjaee93_) •

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