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M.U.R.D.A.H RUE (Moving Under Rigorous Discipline Almost Home) An exclusive interview




MONSTA YO Realz Sinatra
MONSTA YO and Realz Sinatra

JOURNALIST : What is your name and what city do you rep?

(Moving Under Rigorous Discipline Almost Home)

* Deep East Oakland, California

JOURNALIST : Tell us about your latest releases, what inspired you to create them?

* The song “Aquatinted” with MONSTA YO and Realz Sinatra…I was snooping thru Yo’s unreleased music, heard it and even worse heard that I wasn’t supposed to be on it, so I snuck a verse on there. Knowing that I had to make it hard for me to be out-rapped by whoever he was planning on featuring. Lol It worked out but I had 200 push-ups coming lol. So It worked out both ways. *(MONSTA YO) Long Beach, CA
JOURNALIST : What is unique about you and your music?

* Yeah about that song. This little mfer is a wiz with mixing and mastering…in a cell phone so I put him in charge of that department. My consequence for that is I get surprised with unsolicited verses. Lol He’s like a pesky little Brother but our musical chemistry is fire. I had different intentions for the song “Aquatinted” but it came out fire. 28k views in 30 days. So we’re celebrating that being that it was done from a prison cell. As we say…Runnin’ an OP (Operation) from a box”

JOURNALIST : When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?

I realized that I was going to make music professionally when Numbskull from the Luniz pulled me and my cousin Playboi backstage at a show in San Francisco, at Fort Mason and said, Y’all niggas next to be famous.” That still moves me to this day.

JOURNALIST : What type of music do you listen to?

* I listen to whatever song grabs my head and heart and good lyricist inspire me to write.

JOURNALIST : What inspires you to write music?

* I draw inspiration from the position I’m in. Being in prison they try to take the life outta you, figuratively. So creating music knowing the platforms MONSTA YO is able to make it reach is very inspirational.Again, it’s the fact that we’ve been in prison for a while now and people’s association of prisoners with cellphones is negative. We’re aiming to disrupt that connotation. I’ve seen guys rent phone just to help their daughter with her homework. It’s a shame how our creative outlet is limited. But, we’re maintaining with the help of God

I create what the Bay Area calls Mob Music with a today’s twist on it. I lived the life I’m illustrating, you can “Ghetto Google” me in Oakland and it’ll come back that I lived it before I rapped it. That’s what I consider unique. That along with the time I put into the metaphors and similes to show that the verse actually took some thought to compose.

JOURNALIST : What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?


JOURNALIST : What do you wish you were told when you first started making music that you think would help artists just starting out?

I’ve been doing music for a while now and I’ve wanted to make it professionally even before they put the cuffs on me, lol. It’s a destiny thing to me. I’ve watched my followers go up faster than my views and streams. If I don’t continue to do it professionally I’ll have a lot of explaining to do.I listen to whatever song grabs my head and heart and good lyricist inspire me to write.BASICALLY THE SAME THING. SONGS THAT SPEAK TO MY SOUL INSPIRED ME TO LISTEN AND WRITE.

JOURNALIST : Where do we find you music / music projects?

* On all digital platforms and on Instagram @cmb_murdah_rue make sure you spelled just like that cuz we both got fake pages now that people been making you know we almost famous. Lol

On all digital platforms as well as Instagram @monsta_yo

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TPT Releases Hit Song “Spaced Out Kaiju”




image 123650291 (10)

In the ever-evolving tapestry of the music world, it’s a rare delight when an artist emerges, bringing with them a fresh wave of creativity and depth that captures the zeitgeist. Artis “TPT” Edwards, hailing from the bustling, musically-rich landscapes of Texas, is one such artist. With a blend of gritty realism and imaginative storytelling, TPT has quickly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop community. Among his array of captivating tracks, the single “Spaced Out Kaiju” stands out not merely as a song but as a testament to TPT’s genius, making waves as one of the best outputs by an indie artist in recent memory. “Spaced Out Kaiju” emerges from TPT’s arsenal of groundbreaking music with a narrative that is at once personal and universal. The track delves into themes of overcoming adversity, self-discovery, and the quest for success against all odds. TPT’s lyrical prowess is at the forefront, weaving a story that resonates with listeners from diverse backgrounds, making it clear why the song has garnered such acclaim and adoration from fans and critics alike.

This single, emblematic of TPT’s unique sound and vision, showcases his ability to blend poetic lyricism with beats that pulse with the energy of life’s trials and triumphs. The production quality of “Spaced Out Kaiju” is a clear indicator of TPT’s hand in the crafting of his music, reflecting his dedication to not just creating art, but art that moves and inspires. His approach to music production, marked by a hands-on engagement with every aspect of the creation process, highlights TPT’s commitment to authenticity and excellence. Beyond the sonic appeal, “Spaced Out Kaiju” serves as a beacon of TPT’s artistic identity—a fusion of raw, unfiltered storytelling and a nuanced understanding of the human condition. Through this single, TPT invites listeners on a journey into the depths of his experiences, challenges, and victories. It is a journey that many are eager to embark upon, further amplified by TPT’s dynamic delivery and the track’s immersive production. The reception to “Spaced Out Kaiju” underscores TPT’s ascendancy in the indie music scene. With over a million streams across various platforms, the track is not just a hit; it is a landmark in TPT’s burgeoning career.

This response from the audience is a clear signal of TPT’s impact as an artist who not only understands the pulse of contemporary hip-hop but is also unafraid to infuse it with his unique vision and voice. TPT’s journey, from a young talent in Texas to a standout artist in the hip-hop community, is a narrative of perseverance, talent, and the relentless pursuit of artistic authenticity. “Spaced Out Kaiju” is more than just a song; it is a milestone in TPT’s career and a harbinger of the impactful, innovative music that he promises to deliver in the future. As the music world watches, TPT continues to chart his path, promising a legacy filled with groundbreaking music that challenges, delights, and inspires.


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Wax’A’Don: Drops Newest Hit Single “Mo Money” With DTL and Gucci Mane




IMG 20231004 143912 936 copy 4000x4000

Wax’A’Don has once again made waves in the music scene with his latest hit single “Mo Money,” featuring the legendary Gucci Mane and Wax’A’Don’s brother, DTL. This powerhouse collaboration has caught the attention of fans and critics alike, marking a significant moment in Wax’A’Don’s career.

“Mo Money” is a testament to the trio’s incredible synergy and collective talent, combining Wax’A’Don’s unique lyrical style, Gucci Mane’s undeniable charisma, and DTL’s fresh perspective. The track is characterized by its catchy beats, infectious hooks, and an insightful exploration of themes surrounding success, ambition, and the journey towards financial freedom. As these three artists come together, they create a sound that is both authentic and reflective of their individual journeys in the music industry.

The collaboration between Wax’A’Don and Gucci Mane is noteworthy, bringing together two artists from different realms of the hip-hop universe. Gucci Mane, a pioneer in the trap music genre, brings his seasoned experience and distinctive flow to the track, enhancing its appeal. On the other hand, DTL, Wax’A’Don’s brother, introduces a refreshing dynamic that complements the established talents of the other two artists. His contribution to “Mo Money” adds depth and showcases the strength of familial collaboration in the music world.

The release of “Mo Money” has been met with critical acclaim, highlighting Wax’A’Don’s ability to consistently produce hits that resonate with a wide audience. The track’s success is not just a result of the star-studded collaboration but also of the meticulous production and thoughtful lyricism that Wax’A’Don is known for. His dedication to his craft and his willingness to explore new sounds and themes have cemented his position as a formidable force in the industry.

“Mo Money” is more than just a single; it represents a moment of triumph for Wax’A’Don. The track’s popularity has catapulted him further into the spotlight, proving that his talent and vision can stand alongside industry giants like Gucci Mane. This collaboration has also opened doors for DTL, presenting him as a promising talent to watch in the music scene.

The single’s impact extends beyond its chart performance. It has become an anthem of sorts for fans, inspiring conversations around the realities of pursuing success and the complexities of the music industry. “Mo Money” is celebrated not just for its musical prowess but for its authentic portrayal of the artists’ experiences and aspirations.

As “Mo Money” continues to dominate playlists and airwaves, Wax’A’Don, along with Gucci Mane and DTL, have demonstrated that collaboration, when done right, can lead to extraordinary results. This track is a shining example of their collective talent and a reminder of the power of music to connect and inspire. With “Mo Money,” Wax’A’Don has solidified his status as a visionary in the music world, eagerly anticipated for what he will bring next to his ever-growing fanbase.

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The Hendrixxx: A Musical Marvel Shaping Soundscapes and Setting Trends





The music industry is ablaze with excitement as The Hendrixxx, a prodigious musician hailing from New Haven, Connecticut, unveils his latest masterpiece, “T.R.E 2 TRE BABY.” With this groundbreaking release, The Hendrixxx has catapulted to the top of the charts, captivating audiences with his unparalleled talent and innovative sound.

At the heart of The Hendrixxx’s appeal lies his remarkable ability to craft mind-bending lyrics and mesmerizing melodies. His music transcends conventional boundaries, pushing the envelope of sound design to create an immersive auditory experience. Each track in “T.R.E 2 TRE BABY” is a testament to his relentless pursuit of sonic excellence, featuring killer lyrics, infectious beats, and captivating rhythms that leave listeners spellbound.

What truly sets The Hendrixxx apart, however, is not just his music, but his unwavering dedication to his craft. Unlike many artists who rely on external producers and writers, The Hendrixxx takes full control of his creative process, personally crafting every beat and lyric with meticulous attention to detail. This hands-on approach not only ensures the authenticity of his sound but also allows him to connect with his audience on a deeper level.

Moreover, The Hendrixxx’s presence on social media further enhances his connection with fans, providing them with exclusive insights into his upcoming releases and personal life. His charismatic persona and engaging content keep his audience actively involved and eagerly anticipating his next move. In an industry saturated with talent, The Hendrixxx’s authenticity and transparency set him apart as a true virtuoso.

Furthermore, accessibility is key to The Hendrixxx’s success, with his music readily available on all major streaming platforms. Whether it’s Spotify, SoundCloud, or YouTube, fans can easily access his latest tracks and immerse themselves in his sonic universe. This commitment to accessibility ensures that his music reaches a wide audience, further solidifying his position as a musical force to be reckoned with.

In conclusion, The Hendrixxx’s latest album, “T.R.E 2 TRE BABY,” is not just a collection of songs but a transformative musical experience. With his unparalleled creativity, unwavering dedication, and magnetic presence, The Hendrixxx continues to push the boundaries of music and shape the future of the industry. So, to all my dear readers, the time has come to embark on an incredible journey with The Hendrixxx. Tune in now and prepare to be swept away by the unparalleled aural adventure that awaits!

Follow The Hendrixxx on Social Media for further updates:

Instagram: @the_hendrixx3x

Instagram: @the.hendrixxx19

Instagram: @the_hendrixxx

SoundCloud: @the_hendrixxx

YouTube: @thehendrixxx3

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