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Insiders Look: Elite Entertainment founder Benny Ulloa Jr, Making Major Moves In Music



Benny Ulloa Jr
Leonard magazin

Successful entrepreneurs can make juggling multiple businesses look easy. The same is true of Pittsburgh native Benny Ulloa Jr., who deals in hospitality, real estate, exotic car rental, as well as music & entertainment. Elite Entertainment was founded on the principles that you shouldn’t just compete in your industry but represent it in the upper echelon. Elite Entertainment works with all genres of music, including Music of Mexico, Country, and HipHop. With a reputation for being a sharp spotter of talent, as well as a successful record of betting on winners.

A hallmark of his career has always been his affinity for music. As a result of elite entertainment competing on a global level, they will have the capital to support new talent allowing them to compete on the world stage.  During our interview Benny commented, “Music has been transformed into a digital algorithm, which means that artists represented under the Elite Entertainment banner will benefit from our expertise across all platforms, including Spotify.” This shows how important it has become for artists to trend and rank across all social media platforms to gain the visibility required to gain loyal followers.

The passion of Ulloa for providing quality service to the clients he serves will lead to great cross platform promotional opportunities for artists that he represents. He has developed a keen eye for spotting business opportunities thanks to his business acumen. 

His goal is to create a substantial business music label empire in the next year or two, promoting top artists within each genre of music. With his ability to diversify his business operating into additional markets and industries, he will prove to be a useful ally when it comes to bringing international artists to the US market.


In the last two decades, Benny Ulloa has built an excellent track record of success thanks to his laser-like focus on making sure his success is a priority. While he has been faced with many challenges in order to achieve his business goals, he is also able to achieve them because of the efforts he has put forth to achieve them. In finding ways to accomplish his business goals, he has opened himself up for others to crawl through, which makes achieving them possible for him. The core of his philosophy holds that no one is incapable of fulfilling a dream, but that they are able to do so as long as they put in a little effort and dedicate themselves to a desired direction.

“The music industry is a tough one, and many people are afraid of it. We’ve all seen how easily companies fail, but none of that should deter us from trying. Whenever you fail, you try again, and as you progress, you discover the strategies that work for you. “We have used it successfully with many businesses and will continue to do so,” Benny said.

For More Information on Elite Entertainment  & Benny Ulloa Jr, please visit his social media links below:


Elite Entertainment


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Dylan Santana is a triple threat force to be reckoned with a path for success



Dylan Santana

The Latino community is known for their strength, hardworking nature and humility. We caught up with a young entrepreneur and author who is making a difference in his community. Dylan, a serial entrepreneur, is a published book author, a youth motivational speaker and model, all under the age of 25.

“The motivation behind my drive is really God and my family,” he said. “Watching them struggle with what they have already been through in life, on top of me seeing myself go through the challenges in life that I face helps me push myself past my limit.”

His mother taught him the importance of working hard, having good work ethics and to never give up will take you far in life.

“Knowing that one day all my hard work and suffering will pay off and I can say I became a man not that just only my family could look up to, but whoever is inspired by my story, and what’s in Luke 1:37: “For with God nothing shall be impossible’’

Dylan Santana was born in Conn., and grew up, N.C.. Over the years, he traveled to a lot of places like Switzerland, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico . He also spent a lot of time in Queens, N.Y., where other family members lived.

Before getting into modeling, he worked at a variety of jobs. Some jobs were physically challenging and low paying, the work was satisfying and provided him the opportunity to hear amazing stories and get a good perspective on life, God, and the importance of gratitude.

Although he didn’t get into modeling and the fashion industry until later in life, his mom told him he would gradually create and develop his own personal style and demeanor over the years, including an interest in hair and clothing styles. She and others suggested he considered modeling.

He applied to be a model at Charlotte Seen Fashion Week, and was chosen by a designer.
Dylan Santana thinks it’s important to always be prepared for any type of shoot, which he does by practicing runway walks, observing his poses in the mirror, visualizing scenarios where he asks the right questions, and making sure to speak in a proper and professional and business tone. Knowledge of the business part of the industry helps, as does having a mentorship and support from a pro modeling teacher.

“I really separate myself from other models by just being me, and knowing who God made me to become,” he said.

Image 22

Dylan Santana

When he’s not modeling, Dylan Santana enjoys spending time with his family, and with himself, but always with God.

“I have to get better with resting though and self-care,” he said. “I worked and sacrificed so much in life for the goals and dreams I have that I struggle with just resting or even just going to sleep easy. That’s one thing I’m trying to get better at: in life you’re supposed to work just as much as enjoying every moment of life outside of the grind.”

Keep up with Dylan on Instagram @the_great_santana_

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Resurrected Baits (From the snags back to the bags)



Resurrected Baits (From the snags back to the bags)
It started as an angler who was tired of losing tackle to fishing line from other anglers getting snagged.  Enough was enough so I started cleaning up all the line and collecting lures from the snags.  In my years of cleaning up fishing line I have found many small crawdads and fish tangled up in the line after the water goes down.  So as an angler, seeing fish and crawdads tangled in carelessly discarded line, it upsets me deeply inside that anglers really don’t care what they do with their line at fishing spots. Baits are just a bonus cleaning up all the trash and fishing line out of the water and off the banks.
So far I have collected 80 plus lures and a full garbage bag of just fishing line.  So I decided to offer the lures back to the anglers but with a twist.  They Glow!  Resurrected baits is a small hard bait tackle store, that offers reconditioned lures.  I’ve completely gone over each individual lure and replaced all d-rings and hooks with good quality hardware.  If the baits still have good paint on them, they get new eyes, and the twist.  The lures that need paint, I do a complete custom paint job and new eyes and
yes, of course they glow to.
As anglers we really need to start remembering to discard our old line properly.  So let’s do our part to keep our waters clean for the future anglers.
If interested in purchasing any of these lures, contact me at @magoo1377 on Instagram or email me at

Follow my fellow angler, @iamfishyaf or find his merch at

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Learn Financial Literacy With Chief A.i




IMG 4068 1

When it comes to financial education it is no longer a topic people want to avoid. Gen Z and Millenials are tackling their financial literacy head on. Managing your money is a personal skill that some individuals might need assistance with. With so much money going in and out sometimes the task of making responsible decisions is daunting so seeking professional help is key for success. That is where Chief Ai comes into play. Chief Ai is a company that focuses solely on the success of each client when it comes to responsible financial usage.

This company’s focus is offering workshops to learn the basics of money management, investing and other skills. They also help shed light on financial restoration and provide complete knowledge that aids each client’s case as each is very different. You would think that this topic would be taught in school, but that’s not the case. Managing your own money requires a fundamental understanding of personal credit and a willingness to embrace personal responsibility. To be financially literate means having the ability to not let money – or the lack of it – get in the way of your happiness as you work hard and build an American dream complete with a long and fulfilling retirement


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