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Hamiczech – A Travel Blogger & Influencer From the Czech Republic





I am Hamiczech – a travel blogger and a travel influencer from the Czech Republic. My nickname is an abbreviation of my real name and my country.

I have loved traveling ever since I was a child, when my parents took me many times to former Yugoslavia, on the territory of today’s Croatia. We slept in camps, we didn’t have money for hotels. But we didn´t care, we were happy that we are finally at the sea.

That’s probably why Croatia is still one of my favorite countries, I visit it often. Whenever I smell the scent of pines and figs, I remember my childhood.

Before 1989 it was for us very difficult to travel. There were only 5 travel agencies in the former Czechoslovakia. Most Czechoslovaks stayed on vacation in their own country, going abroad was a very complicated process. If someone managed to travel, the goal was a holiday in the countries of the socialist bloc (East Germany, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria). An invitation letter was needed to the Soviet Union or Poland. And Yugoslavia (Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was formed by today’s states Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia) was forbidden to the majority of citizens of the Czechoslovakia at that time, it began to be too close to the west and thus became a dangerous destination.

After Velvet revolution in 1989 our borders to neighboring countries opened. We traveled a lot, but we mostly didnt have money for hotels and for restaurants, it was very expensive for us. Czechs were known as a nation of pate makers (canned food).

And now? We are nation of travellers. We stay in hotels, we enjoy fine dining. What a big jump! But it took a while.

Back to my own memories. I have been skiing since I was two years old. And I love it till today, I just changed ski for snowboard when I was a teenager. I didn’t see the Alps for the first time until 2001 and I thought I was in paradise. Long groomed ski slopes, chairlifts and cable cars, no queues, mostly beautiful weather… I could only dream of that here at the time. Then we went to the Alps every year and I stopped enjoying skiing in the Czech Republic, we don’t have such high mountains, nor such snow conditions as Austria or Italy, which totally spoiled me 🙂 Today, the slopes in the Czech Republic have been groomed, a lot is invested in ski areas, but the queues mostly remained.

Later, when I studied at the university, my friends and I had the opportunity to visit the USA, specifically Florida, for work and travel. It was just summer when Hurricane Katrina hit the US, so it must have been 2005. It’s not nice when the TV starts blaring and the title is running: watch out, a hurricane is coming! And you have no idea what to do. The palm trees were bending to the ground, it was raining terribly, and in those “paper” houses of theirs you pray that it will last. Mothers called us to see if we were alive, they were dying of fear. We were lucky that the place where we stayed was only marginally affected.
We worked as maids in a hotel at that time. You probably don’t realize how hard it is until you try, and what a mess people are capable of making in a luxury hotel room (for example, someone decided to make a beach in a marble bathroom and sprinkled sand all over the shower). Since then, I always leave a tip for the maids and try to keep the room as tidy as possible.

Because travelling is my great hobby, I decided to create travel account on Instagram and share my travel experiences and recommendations. And people started following me. In this way, I would like to thank all my fans that even though I’m not famous, that they follow me in such a large number, I’m happy when someone appreciates my work.

Since Instagram is mainly for sharing photos, I also started writing a blog in Czech and English so that if someone is interested in the topic, they can read more information. I mostly write detailed reviews about hotels I’ve visited and I am involved in the promotion of hotels, so if you work as a PR in this industry and you like my work, don’t hesitate to contact me. But I also write about the visited places in every detail. Since I have my own business, I can’t dedicate myself to blogging as much as I’d like, it’s very time-consuming, but I try to write 1-2 articles a month. Hopefully these articles will help someone in deciding whether to go or not.

Thank you very much for reading my dear travel fans and Happy Travels!

My contacts:

Instagram: @hamiczech



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Brooke Sandoval’s Inspiring Journey to Brookies Kitchen: A Culinary Dream Fueled by Love and Family




Brooke Sandoval

In a heartwarming tale of perseverance and passion, Brooke Sandoval has embarked on a culinary adventure with the launch of her very own cooking company, Brookies Kitchen. Motivated by her deep love for cooking, her family, and the infectious joy she brings to people’s faces through her delicious creations, Brooke’s journey is as inspiring as it is heartwarming.

The spark that ignited Brookies Kitchen was Brooke’s unwavering dedication to her kids and her family. Faced with the challenges of caring for her son, who suffers from the rare syndrome of Treacher Collins, and requiring 24-hour watch under certified supervision, Brooke found herself unable to work in a traditional setting. However, instead of letting this setback deter her, she turned to her passion for cooking as a means of both creative expression and financial support for her family.

Drawing inspiration from her grandmothers, KC and Christina, Brooke honed her culinary skills and developed a unique flair for creating mouthwatering dishes that not only delighted the taste buds but also warmed the heart. Her kitchen became a sanctuary of love and creativity, where she poured her soul into every recipe, infusing them with the love and care that only a devoted mother could provide.

For Brooke, nothing compares to the joy of cooking and sharing her creations with her family, friends, and even her children’s friends. The smiles that light up the faces of those who taste her food are a testament to the passion and dedication she pours into every dish. It is this joy, this connection with others through food, that drives Brooke to continue pursuing her culinary dreams despite the challenges she faces.

Brookies Kitchen is not just a business venture for Brooke; it is a labor of love, a testament to the power of family, and a celebration of the simple joys that come from sharing a delicious meal with those we hold dear. As Brooke continues to grow her company and share her culinary gifts with the world, she remains rooted in the values of love, family, and the transformative power of a home-cooked meal.

In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, Brooke Sandoval and Brookies Kitchen stand as a shining example of resilience, love, and the enduring power of food to bring people together. With every dish she creates, Brooke is not just feeding stomachs; she is nourishing souls and spreading joy one bite at a time.

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Darrell Kelley’s “Neither One of Us”




Darrell Kelley’s "Neither One of Us"

Darrell Kelley has carved out a niche in the music world as an artist unafraid to confront difficult issues head-on. His songs often delve into themes of racial inequality, social justice, and political corruption. Blending gospel, soul, and R&B, Kelley’s music connects with an audience seeking substance and meaning beyond mere entertainment. His background as a pastor and his profound spirituality enrich his music, infusing it with themes of morality, justice, and compassion.

Darrell Kelley’s musical journey is closely linked to his dedication to addressing societal issues directly. In contrast to many contemporary musicians who focus mainly on personal or mainstream themes, Kelley tackles the intricacies of social injustices and human suffering. His body of work reflects his commitment to inspiring change and encouraging deep thought through his artistry.

Kelley’s music is greatly influenced by his pastoral role, where he frequently explores themes of morality, justice, and compassion. This spiritual grounding brings a sense of urgency and a call to action to his music, urging listeners to not only enjoy his songs but also to reflect on their societal roles. His songs serve as contemporary hymns for social change, combining the inspirational elements of gospel with the emotional richness of soul and the widespread appeal of R&B.

“Neither One of Us”

In Kelley’s interpretation, “Neither One of Us” evolves from a personal story of heartbreak to a broader reflection on the human condition. His soulful voice and emotive delivery add new layers to the song, enabling listeners to connect more deeply with the lyrics’ pain and beauty. By selecting this song, Kelley not only highlights his vocal talent but also demonstrates his ability to reinterpret and elevate a classic, making it relevant for today’s audience.

Kelley’s earlier works, such as “The Coronavirus” and “Police Brutality – AMERICA’S LIVING NIGHTMARE,” directly tackle contemporary issues. These songs not only serve as calls to action but also offer reflections on societal conditions. They challenge listeners to face uncomfortable truths and motivate them to strive for a more just and equitable world. “Neither One of Us” continues this tradition by encouraging listeners to explore their emotional experiences and understand how these personal moments relate to larger societal issues.

Musical Style

Kelley’s music is distinguished by its rich blend of genres, including gospel, soul, R&B, and hip-hop. This diverse mix enables him to reach a broad audience and communicate his messages in various ways. His soulful voice, often likened to the greats of R&B and gospel, adds depth and sincerity to his songs.

In “Neither One of Us,” Kelley’s vocal performance is both powerful and intimate. He captures the original’s essence while infusing it with his unique interpretation, making the song relevant for contemporary listeners. The production is polished yet retains the raw emotion characteristic of Kelley’s music. This balance between professionalism and authenticity is what makes Kelley’s music so compelling and impactful.

Darrell Kelley’s “Neither One of Us” is more than just a cover; it’s a continuation of his mission to create meaningful music. By reimagining a classic song through his distinct perspective, Kelley not only honors the original but also adds a new layer of relevance for today’s audience. His ability to merge personal emotion with social commentary makes his music a powerful catalyst for change. As Kelley continues to tackle significant issues through his art, “Neither One of Us” stands as a testament to his enduring talent and dedication to making a difference through music.

For more information and to listen to the track, visit [Deezer](

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The Foundational Steps of Divine Wisdom and Purpose By: Ladaro (Monsta Yo) Pennix II and Colin Randolph




The Foundational Steps of Divine Wisdom and Purpose

This project originally started as an examination of our past, aiming to expose our mistakes and explore our transformation over time. Monsta Yo and I wanted to compare how we had evolved from a regretful period to where we are now. However, delving into our painful memories from decades of incarceration revealed disturbing and disheartening experiences. We realized how deeply we had been involved in destructive behaviors towards others and ourselves, driven by violence, hatred, and fury. Our lives had been shaped by a system that perpetuated hatred and violence, leaving us unable to understand why we behaved the way we did.

IMG 6567 (2)

Reflecting on our past proved to be emotionally draining, prompting us to shift our focus towards exploring the factors that shaped us into the men we are today. Monsta Yo suggested concentrating on our foundational beliefs, leading to the creation of “The Foundational Steps of Divine Purpose and Wisdom.” We found that scripture had a profound impact on our lives and decided to center our project around its teachings.

I gathered scriptures that had influenced me significantly and discussed their practical applications, especially for those who are incarcerated. Monsta Yo, with his theological expertise, provided insights into the power and wisdom of these scriptures, enriching our reflections. Together, we brought passion, perspective, and purpose to each discussion, resulting in the title “The Foundational Steps of Divine Wisdom and Purpose.”

Through this project, we realized that examining our past was not just about acknowledging our mistakes but understanding the journey of our transformation. Our painful memories laid the foundation for our growth, highlighted through our reflections on scripture’s wisdom and purpose. This project evolved into a testament to our faith and the transformative power of scripture.

Monsta Yo’s theological insights complemented my reflections, offering a deeper understanding of the scriptures’ impact. By blending personal experiences with theological wisdom, we created a compelling exploration of the Divine wisdom and purpose found in scriptures.

Messenger creation cf20f3a0 c2fb 486f a39c 55b23ba4576d (2)

-Colin Randolph

Order Now on Amazon:

The Foundational Steps of Divine Wisdom and Purpose

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