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Getting To Know Independent Artist Jaison Steven Aka Young Apexx




Getting To Know Independent Artist Jaison Steven Aka Young Apexx

Q. It’s an honor to speak with you today. Why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. How did you get to where you are today?

Hi I am Jaison Steven Aka Young Apexx I am independent artist very humble and I was born in New York  raise in Colombia Cartagena I started making music at 14 inspire by “ daddy yankee , don Omar , 50 cent Eminem tyga drake lil Wayne and now time generation “ Fivio Foreign Lil Tjay Doggi krazy “

When I was born I was born with lisp speech impediment I got builled a lot in school beating up and getting into fight that my mom would have to go to school every 3 weeks cause I would get suspended but it was because I got bullied in school a lot that couldn’t take it females in school pour soda on my hair but when I got older 16 I started listening. To beats on YouTube that I wanted to help myself speak better because I felt my speech teachers didn’t do a good job lol helping me so I did it by myself practice everything and pronounce my words correctly and stay on beat when I started doing that my first song was on SoundCloud at the age 21 I took music more seriously age 26 and where I’m now I’m proud and I’m  still working is a process that most people do not understand is not easy being independent artist but I believe staying humble praying trusting yourself some day I will be more international than ever! I had heart problem has well there was one time I was in Manhattan and I turn blue that I had to go back to hospital.

Q. I’m sure your success has not come easily. What challenges have you had to overcome along the way? 

Proving my family wrong and people that no matter what rather you have a speech impediment if you can rap and got talent keep it going cause that’s something god gave me has a gift I’m greatful now and me sounding different from other artists is miracle! Now since I got better I like how I sound when I make a hit recorded in the studio because I hear myself and every word I’m saying and if something I can say way better I just say cause I got confidence! And know god got me always;

Q. Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in and why should someone work with you over the competition?

People should work with me because I can help thoses underground artists come up from other people that shutting them down I can open doors for them and be heard btw I just did a feature for first time in my own town new Rochelle New York and his underground independent artist Spanish and he been following me watching me and he likes what I do so whatever I’m doing I’m doing a good job! Cause ima help you grow his crown and music  be heard !

Q. What’s your best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?

Just wake up everyday and say you going to prove everyone wrong and only person that got you is you and only person that will be by yourself to believe in you if you don’t. Believe in yourself than how would you find your success !

Q. Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you?

The word “ success” can mean anything just because u made it out from the bottom and became rich dont mean u succeed :

Success I take it has like I succeed something of my own has a person knowing I did it on my own and I know when I’m at top top  I successfully!!! Did something different

Q. What’s next for you?

My next move is my next move whenever I’m ready I like to surprise people instead of telling them if you tell you won’t do it and I feel has my childhood I’ve heard a lot of that that’s why I’m working on the next and always a head

Q. Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more?

Social medias my other articles on Instagram they can reach me @youngapexx and talk to me about music career how to get where I am at so they can take that advance and move forward.

 Q.Es un honor hablar con usted hoy.  ¿Por qué no nos das algunos detalles sobre ti y tu historia?  ¿Cómo llegaste a donde estás hoy?
 Hola soy Jaison Steven Aka Young Apexx Soy un artista independiente muy humilde y nací en Nueva York  criado en Colombia Cartagena Empecé a hacer música a los 14 años inspirado por “daddy yankee, don Omar, 50 cent Eminem tyga drake lil Wayne y ahora  generación del tiempo ” Fivio Extranjero Lil Tjay Doggi krazy “
Cuando nací, nací con un ceceo en el habla. Me animé mucho en la escuela cuando me golpeaban y me peleaban porque mi mamá tendría que ir a la escuela cada 3 semanas porque me suspenderían, pero fue porque me intimidaron en la escuela.  muchas cosas que no podían soportar las mujeres en la escuela echaban soda en mi cabello pero cuando cumplí 16 años comencé a escuchar.  A los latidos en YouTube que quería ayudarme a mí mismo a hablar mejor porque sentí que mis profesores de oratoria no hicieron un buen trabajo jajaja ayudándome, así que lo hice solo, practiqué todo y pronuncié mis palabras correctamente y mantuve el ritmo cuando comencé a hacer eso.  mi primera canción fue en SoundCloud a los 21 años me tomé la música más en serio a los 26 años y donde estoy ahora estoy orgulloso y sigo trabajando es un proceso que la mayoría de la gente no entiende no es fácil ser artista independiente pero yo  ¡cree mantente humilde orando confiando en ti mismo algún día seré más internacional que nunca!  Tuve un problema cardíaco, bueno, hubo una vez que estaba en Manhattan y me puse azul porque tuve que volver al hospital
 Q. Estoy seguro de que su éxito no ha sido fácil.  ¿Qué retos has tenido que superar en el camino?
Demostrar que mi familia está equivocada y que la gente tiene un impedimento del habla, si puedes rapear y tienes talento, sigue así porque eso es algo que Dios me dio, tiene un don. Estoy muy agradecido ahora y sonar diferente a otros artistas es un milagro.  Ahora, desde que mejoré, me gusta cómo sueno cuando hago un éxito grabado en el estudio porque me escucho a mí mismo y cada palabra que digo y si algo puedo decir mucho mejor, ¡solo lo digo porque tengo confianza!  Y sé que Dios me tiene siempre
Q.Hablemos del trabajo que haces.  ¿En qué te especializas y por qué alguien debería trabajar contigo sobre la competencia?
La gente debería trabajar conmigo porque puedo ayudar a esos artistas clandestinos a surgir de otras personas que, cerrándolos, puedo abrirles puertas y ser escuchados. Por cierto, acabo de hacer una función por primera vez en mi propia ciudad, New Rochelle, Nueva York y  su artista independiente underground español y me ha estado observando y le gusta lo que hago así que haga lo que haga estoy haciendo un buen trabajo!  ¡Porque te ayudaré a hacer crecer su corona y la música  se escuchará!
 Q. ¿Cuál es tu mejor consejo para los lectores que desean encontrar el éxito en su vida?
Solo despierta todos los días y di que vas a demostrar que todos están equivocados y que la única persona que te atrapó eres tú y la única persona que estará sola para creer en ti si no lo haces.  ¡Cree en ti mismo y cómo encontrarías tu éxito!
 Q. Hablando de éxito, ¿qué significa para ti la palabra?
 La palabra “éxito” puede significar cualquier cosa solo porque lo lograste desde abajo y te hiciste rico no significa que tengas éxito
 El éxito lo tomo como si tuviera éxito, algo propio tiene una persona que sabe que lo hice por mi cuenta y sé cuándo estoy en la cima  ¡Exitoso!  Hice algo diferente
 Q.¿Qué sigue para ti?
Mi próximo paso es mi próximo paso cuando esté listo. Me gusta sorprender a la gente en lugar de decirles que si les dices no lo harás y siento que en mi infancia he oído hablar mucho de eso.  estoy trabajando en el siguiente y siempre una cabeza
 Q.Finalmente, ¿cómo pueden las personas conectarse con usted si quieren aprender más?
Las redes sociales, mis otros artículos en Instagram, pueden contactarme @youngapexx y hablarme sobre la carrera musical, cómo llegar a donde estoy para que puedan tomar ese avance y seguir adelante.


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Q.It’s an honor to speak with you today. Why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. How did you get to where you are today?

I worked hard at my craft and treated it with care and progression. It’s also having respect for those that came before me.

Q.I’m sure your success has not come easily. What challenges have you had to overcome along the way?

Honestly it might be either learning to overcome failure or justify the lengths I’m willing to take.

Q.Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in and why should someone work with you over the competition?

I specialize in creativity and also being an authentic when it comes to my approach. I make sure that I have full creative control of what I say as well as the direction I want to go in. However I am always open for collaborations as I believe that collaborative efforts would be able to lake something more unique and one of a kind.

Q.What’s your best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?

Don’t be afraid to have a plan or something as a backup

Q.Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you?

It means manifesting my highest desires personal and professionally.

Q.Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more?

I’m on Instagram: @regcentral

Twitter: @realreg1

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Life has not been kind to Keonche Hines, who has faced more than their fair share of challenges. Despite numerous obstacles and setbacks, Keonche Hines has persevered and refused to give up on their dreams. From a young age, Keonche Hines has had to overcome tremendous adversity. Keonche Hines’s life has been marked by hardship and struggle, but they have never lost their resilience or determination to succeed.

For Keonche Hines, every success has been hard-won, the result of tireless effort and unwavering determination in the face of adversity.

Keonche Hines, Was Born May/7/1997. He Was Born In Bertie County North Carolina. He Is an Actor, Comedian, Instagram Star & TikTok Star. He Grew Up in Lewiston-Woodville, North Carolina.

He Attended Bertie High School Where He Discovered His Love for Making People Laugh. Every day He Would Go to Lunch Where He Performed for Everyone in the Cafeteria, And He Also Kept Getting in Trouble for It. So He Decided to Drop Out of School to Pursue a Career in Comedy. He Started Off on Instagram & Vine In 2013 Making Videos. His Mom Bought Him A iPhone 5c And That Is When He Started Making Videos. Then As His Success in Being A Entertainer Raised, He and His Mother Invested in a Video Quality Camera and That When He Started Blowing Up Even More.

Despite the many obstacles that have stood in their way, Keonche Hines has remained determined to create a better life for themselves and those around them.

The challenges that Keonche Hines has faced in life are nothing short of remarkable, a testament to their strength and resilience in the face of hardship.

His Mother and Father Is Married But Been Separated Since 1999. His Mother Took Care Of Him And His Brother and Sister All By Herself. She Worked 2 Jobs Sometimes Just To Make Ends Meet. She Wanted the Best for Them. Keonche Hines Have A Son Who Was Born In 2019. His Name Is Kaiden Jace Hines.

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We Are Band Nerds teams up with Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst for new single “Self Care”. This is the first song we have heard from We Are Band Nerds since their EP release , and it is a great way to start. The track features Fred Durst spitting rhymes about the importance of self care, which is something everyone can benefit from hearing more often.

“We wanted to write a song that was more personal than anything we’ve done before, and we knew Fred would be the perfect person to collaborate with,” said guitarist Dylan Beal. “He has such an incredible voice and he really helped us push ourselves as musicians.”

The song is about taking care of yourself and not letting anything stand in your way. It’s a universal message for everyone, but specifically aimed at those who have struggled with mental health issues or feeling like they don’t have their shit together.

We Are Band Nerds is the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Josh Becker, who wanted to create a project that combined all of his favorite things: music, passion, and a sense of humor. The band boasts six members — two guitarists (Josh Becker & Brett “The Wizard” Wright), two bassists (Justin Hernandez & Jordan Lewis), a drummer (Dan “The Machine” McLain) and saxophonist extraordinaire Braden Higgins.

“Mental health is important, take time to check on yourself“ – Brandon Cross, Lead Singer/Rapper

“Self Care” is available now on all major platforms. Watch the lyric video below now and click here to stream/download the single on your favorite outlet:

Band Members

Brandon Cross- Lead Singer/Rapper

Najee- Rapper/Vocalist

Scullie- Guitarist

Dj Sol Los- Dj/Sampler

S. Bonilla – Drums

Santos “The Sandman” Johnson- bass

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