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Emotional journey of heartbreak and new love, TaniA Kyllikki, has released her first studio Album






The comparisons to Adele and Mariah Carey that TaniA Kyllikki received when she released her new album, “Why chapter One,” on January 30, 2022, were based on her soulful rich sounds in featured songs like “Handle with Care,” “This is who I am,” and “Many Shades of Grey,” and on her ability to hold long notes showcased in “Lie with Me,” “Puppet on a String,” “WHY” and her well controlled angelic whistles showcased in “RARE.” 




TaniA Kyllikki, a London-based singer-songwriter, and Garry D. Hairston, her American fiancé and musical partner, collaborated on the album’s production and songwriting. The album’s nine soulful tracks all focus on conveying stories through their lyrics, which are delicate and emotive. Her audience is given an insight into her personal journey through the songs. Throughout “Why Chapter One,” you’ll find recurring themes of abuse, being damaged, finding love, and learning how to trust again.




The first album by TaniA Kyllikki. After being in high demand, it went straight to the top of Amazon’s “Hot Top 100 Pop New Album Releases” list, and remained there for over a month. Since then, about two million people have listened to “Why Chapter One” on various platforms. It was back in 2021 when TaniA debuted the track “WHY,” which became the lynchpin for the rest of her album. She reveals her sensitivity to her listeners by singing about her horrific past of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. Because of her bravery in bringing attention to domestic violence, she has received this honour. WHY has already been listened to more than 500,000 times on Spotify, while the original music video has been seen more than 170,000 times on YouTube. Over 50+ music magazines and blogs have also highlighted TaniA, including putting her on the front cover of “The New Music Times UK” and the cover of PREMIERE One, February 2022. In addition to all this, TaniA also had a well-known R&B singer and composer,  NeYo, represent her single release, “Remind Me.”




TaniA’s songs have a strong emotional impact. This extremely personal LP, gives a sense of hope to every woman, man, and child who has been broken by abuse or neglect.


Buy, stream TaniA’s album here:
Why Chapter One 


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Producer Credits (Has Produced For): 

(Instagram): Kphax (@kphax), Kodie Shane (@kodieshane) , Tia Corine (@tiacorine), Slime Sito (@slimesito), Loopy (@thisloop) ,  SauxePaxk TB (@sauxe_paxk) , Sony Music (@sonymusic) , The Orchard (@the_orchard_) , Owen (@owenmyown) , Barlito Barlito (@barlitobarlito_) & More

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