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Earthworm Lean is a true definition of a hustler in the music industry





Tell us a little about yourself?

My name Earthworm Lean coming out of Clayton County, GA. Making music always was a hobby for me. Telling on a beat how i do, a gift i refuse to let go to waste. We might can’t talk about it one on one but i for sure can put it in a perspective in a song.

How would you describe your latest single?

Step on you saying I’m not forcing my hand no more. Realizing how far I came in life and just valuing yourself. It’s okay to feel conceited.

How did you get started in the music business in the first  place?

Watching my Pops as a kid. Just being around him when I was young seeing it gave me the stride.

How did you come up with your artist name?

Playing spades and I got dealt a bad hand. In the midst of me celebrating cause i set who i was playing i said “I get it out the mudd like a earthworm. Im gone make something out of nothing everytime” And my name already Lean so I just threw Earthworm in front of it.

How long have you been in the music industry?

About 4 years

When can fans expect the visuals for the single?


Who are your inspirations in the music industry?

Everybody. From underground to mainstream everybody come up different. That’s that little piece of hope that kept me pushing this long.

How do you go about writing a song and what is your process?

I usually punch in. But if i am writing i can stick to the subject more. I can deliver a lot more punchlines

Any plans on touring to promote your latest single?

Yeah . Florida for sure. But a 90 day run.

What are must haves when your in the studio working?

Lemonade, my smoke. Just me and the engineer in the lab. A crowd distracts me.

What is the best piece of advice in this business you actually followed?

Keep going

Name an artist(s) that you would love to work with?

Dopeboy RA, Future, Lil Baby, Big Moochie Grape, RodWave, Yung Mal, and Ne-Yo

What’s your all-time favourite song?

How i been by NBA Youngboy

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Billboard Top Hip-hop

“Pau Walters: Unleashing Musical Innovation with ‘Avant Garde vol.1’ Mixtape!”




Pau Walters
“Avant Garde vol.1.”
 Pau is a true musical polymath, born in Palma de Mallorca and raised in Elvas, Portugal. He’s been making waves with his captivating single “Miento/Viento,” which draws inspiration from Kendrick Lamar and Vince Staples. 🌊🎤
With a background in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona, Pau has immersed himself in the world of rap, sound engineering, and music production. He’s collaborated with local acts like NLess and Pigeon Attack, and his artistic journey includes notable projects like “Home City Love,” “Viaje,” and the acclaimed “Atrapados En La Esencia del Tiempo” with his close friend Matick.
His latest mixtape, “Avant Garde vol.1,” is a true masterpiece. It’s inspired by the European vanguard movement of the XX century and pays homage to artists like Picasso, Dali, Andy Warhol, Basquiat, and more. Pau pushes boundaries by blending subgenres like cloud rap, classic Hip Hop, Trap, drumless tracks, and experimental sounds.
“No rules, no limits, no taboos!” declares Pau Walters, embodying the ethos of “Avant Garde vol.1.” This mixtape promises a musical odyssey and invites every connoisseur of sound to immerse themselves in its rich tapestry of influences.
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“Freddieb the Great Takes the Music Scene by Storm with ‘Show That Donkey Butt”




Freddieb the Great, reppin’ Marietta, is ready to take over the airwaves with his banger of a track, “Show That Donkey Butt.” This hip-hop dance anthem is all about bringing the party vibes and is guaranteed to spice up any playlist it lands on.
Known for his infectious style and magnetic presence, Freddieb the Great is making waves worldwide with his track “Donkey.” It’s gone viral in Brazil and is now blowing up on TikTok with the #ShowThatDonkeyButt challenge. People can’t resist the catchy beats and irresistible rhythm of this track. “Show That Donkey Butt” truly shows Freddieb the Great’s dedication to bringing the dance party scene back to life. He’s bringing a fresh and modern vibe to the rap game, blending his unique vocals with groovy production that transcends cultural boundaries.
Already a hit in Brazil, “Donkey” by Freddieb the Great is becoming an international phenomenon. Its popularity on TikTok proves that it has universal appeal. People from all over the world are embracing the energy and charisma that shines through in every beat.
Freddieb the Great wants all the music lovers out there to join the movement and add “Show That Donkey Butt” to their playlists. With its vibrant and celebratory vibe, this track is bound to become the go-to anthem for parties, clubs, and dance enthusiasts worldwide.
You can now stream “Show That Donkey Butt” on all major platforms, showcasing Freddieb the Great’s rising star power in the rap scene. Keep an eye out for more electrifying releases from this Marietta sensation.
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Fresh Face Rising Artist “Poetic Muse” Shining bright on the West Coast




Poetic Muse

Introducing Poetic Muse, a rising female artist from the West Coast who is set to make waves in the music industry with her unique blend of poetry and captivating lyrics. Her emotive work not only resonates with audiences but also empowers and inspires women worldwide.

With a background in artist management and development, Poetic Muse is no stranger to hard work and dedication. Hailing from Los Angeles, she draws inspiration from her personal experiences, family, and influential West Coast female artists like Lady of Rage, Sylke Fine, and YoYo. Her artistic journey began in her youth, hustling on the streets of Las Vegas where she and her friends would write raps, using their daily struggles as fuel for their dreams of making it big in the music industry. Over time, her music evolved into a more personal and poetic expression, providing an outlet to vent emotions, express feelings, and connect with others.

In July 2021, Poetic Muse released the first four poems in her series titled “Phenomenal I Am,” inspired by the works of Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman” and Tupac Shakur’s “Rose that Grew from Concrete.” These pieces take listeners on a journey through her life, showcasing her thoughts, emotions, and diverse talents. Her debut in the music scene came in 2021 when she was featured on Long Beach Rapper Monsta Yo’s single “Don’t Wanna Lose You.” Then, in May 2023, she released her first single titled “Letter 2 My First Born,” a touching tribute to her son. A few months later, on July 1st, she dropped her second single “Click Clack,” featuring Los Angeles rapper Engine 5ive.

These songs are part of her upcoming project “Olivia Pope 2 Da Streets,” scheduled for release on January 26th, 2024. This highly anticipated project will explore new directions, collaborations, and techniques, featuring artists such as Monsta Yo, Liddy Mechelle, T3Halo, and Engine 5ive. With her exceptional talent and diverse range, Poetic Muse is truly a hidden gem poised to leave a lasting impact on the industry.

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