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“Unleashing Brooklyn’s Musical Dynamo: The Unforgettable Rise of Pretti Onyx”




Pretti Onyx

Brooklyn’s vibrant art scene is buzzing with the name Tiffany Yatesaka Pretti Onyx. She’s a true inspiration, hailing from the eclectic borough of BrooklynNew York. From a childhood immersed in the arts to a triumphant comeback, her journey is absolutely amazing!

From the age of four, Pretti Onyx’s musical gift shone brightly. Growing up in Brooklyn, surrounded by diverse influences, her talent blossomed. Graduating from Brooklyn H.S. Of the Arts, it was clear she was destined for stardom.
But life took a turn when she became a mom, pausing her musical dreams. Parenthood became the priority, but true talent always finds its way back to the spotlight.
In 2017, Pretti Onyx made a powerful comeback! Encouraged by a friend, she returned to the studio and released the single “Can’t Stop,” a testament to her determination. The music video was visually captivating, igniting her passion for the craft.
Since then, she’s been on fire! Releasing singles, EPs like “Diary of Heartbreaks,” and captivating music videos. She’s even graced the silver screen in films like “I Got Now,” “Honour Among Thieves,” “Witness for the Defense,” “Bronx Unit,” and “Damaged Soul.”
In 2021Pretti Onyx’s career took a major leap forward! She teamed up with the amazing management team at C.O.L.D Enterprises, opening new doors for her. And securing a distribution deal with Equity Distro ensured her music reached even more people. The stage is set for an incredible journey ahead! 
As we step into 2023, Pretti Onyx is gearing up for another musical revelation with her latest single, “Don’t Waste My Time.” This much-anticipated release promises to be a sonic testament to her artistic growth and a reflection of the experiences that have shaped her journey.
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Eli Preme: Shoe Expert Who Works With Top Clientele





Eli Einhorn aka Eli Preme is the shoe ruler. He exchanges shoes to probably the most well known famous people on the planet like Scott Disik, Alec Monopoly, Lonzo Ball, Tyler Herro, from there, the sky is the limit! Growing up, Eli has a shoe fixation. As time went on, Eli’s dad at last said it was the ideal opportunity for him to figure out how to buy these shoes on his own. At that exact instant, Eli stepped up and offered his very own portion shoes to accommodate his propensities. Beginning around 2017, he has been selling the most sought after kicks and has been advancing ordinarily in the shoe game.

Eli cherishes all tennis shoes yet his number one sets are the Off-White Chicago 1s. At a certain point, he had 5 sets of these and sold them for $1000 each. Today, those equivalent shoes go for $8-9000.

Along time from now, Eli sees himself possessing different shoe stores and selling large number of tennis shoes everyday. He might likewise want to do a spring up shop in Europe, where the shoe culture is quickly developing.

At this moment, Eli has a ton of plans underway. He intends to continue to do pop-ups where he goes to places like Good Time Hotel (claimed by David Grutman) and offers tennis shoes to individuals of Miami. Up to this point, he has been exceptionally fruitful in that endeavor.

For any promising shoe affiliate, Eli needed to give a few persuasive useful tidbits. “Try not to surrender. The shoe game is truly intense now and again. You can go 3-4 deliveries without getting a solitary pair. Everything revolves around the craving and drive you have. Ensure that you generally keep on going to all stores imaginable, do pools, and fabricate associations (particularly with store representatives).

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