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Rapper Marius “Lucius” “YBE” Ngoye On His Way To The Top




Marius “Lucius” “YBE” Ngoye

Marius “Lucius” “YBE” Ngoye Bio Born June 10th 1991 Originally from Ziguinchor, rapper artist Lucius YBE started basketball from an early age. He first knew how to make a name in his native region before moving to Dakar to play professional basketball, winning national championship cups from 2000 to 2011 and did the same in Morocco in 2012 by winning the Moroccan championship.

After a serious knee injury in 2013, Lucius went to the United States for ACL and meniscus surgery. After a year of physiotherapy, and conclusive attempts at the San Antonio Spurs he reaches the NBA but unfortunately he suffers yet another injury that stops him in his momentum and keeps him away from the courts, this is how Lucius reluctantly decides to definitely turn the basketball page and move on. Below are the highlights on YouTube.

At the end of 2014, Lucius BE created USAfrica Entertainment, a non-profit association that aims to create jobs to help reduce illegal immigration to Africa and especially Senegal through artists ( cultural exchanges and cultural mixiny. In the spring of 2015, Lucius and his organization organized a memorable concert in Senegal bringing together Inno a New York artist with two trendy artists from the Senegalese scene, namely Canabasse and Queen Biz.

The concert was sold out because it was the first time that the Senegalese public. Saw their favorite artists share the same stage as an American artist on songs they had composed together. In 2016, Lucius set up his own label Young Believers Entertainment (YBE), signed his first artist in Senegal and did the same in New Orleans. 6 months later a concert was organized in Senegal. This concert attracted more than 5,000 people, including dignitaries. In 2017, the label signed other artists from different African countries including Togo, Nigeria And Benin, films more than 35 clips and organizes an end-of-year tour throughout Senegal. Each of these shows was sold out because the so-called remote regions have a vibrant youth eager for entertainment.

The following year, Lucius pursued his goal of creating opportunities and jobs by creating the very first 100% international hip hop online television: Television aims to expose different cultures, artistic talents and portray a positive landscape of the African continent. YBE-TV television as an audiovisual platform has allowed Lucius Lucius to organize several concerts in Senegal, all sold out, by associating with young local promoters, thus giving them the Possibility to build their brands. See the organization page for more information.

In November 2019, Lucius set himself a new challenge: to become a rapper and adopt the pseudonym YBE as his stage name. The following month, he released his first clip entitled, “Expensive” which has been seen more than a million times on Facebook. Since then, its music catalog has been refined. He now has several videos online Like “What They Say”, “Going Hard”, “Blow” Featuring American artists and Africans and other bangers in preparation.

You can find his videos on Facebook and on YouTube. Lucius YBE got book in Senegal and Gambia for December 2020 and all his shows was sold out. When his back to Washington DC in 2021 he dropped 4 music videos, in the same year his music videos was playing in the number one worldwide hip hop tv REVOLT, he got the legend JADAKISS in his music video and start getting book in the US.

The same years DECEMBER 2021 he got book for the second time to go on tour in west Africa where all his shows was sold out once again. 2022 he dropped his music video OMG who is blowing up and playing in the biggest worldwide tv like MTV, REVOLT and BET and start getting book to a lot of events in the US And in May 30th 2023 he dropped another hard song called “ Legacy” on his IG page put didn’t even have the opportunity to promote it even if the song it self is doing numbers, right now he is focusing on what’s going in his country and he is fighting to free his people from the dictator SENEGALESE president Macky SALL.

You can follow him on social networks:Instagram:@i_am_ybe_official_  Facebook: Lucius Ngoye Youtube : Lucius YBE Tiktok : @lucius_ybe

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Saxophonist Bryant Michael Davis’ New Album “Love Potion” Hits Number 1 on iTunes Dance Album Sales Chart

Professional saxophonist and musician Bryant Michael Davis has taken the music world by storm with his latest album, “Love Potion,” which has climbed to the top of the iTunes Dance Album sales chart, securing the coveted number 1 spot. This remarkable achievement marks a significant milestone in Davis’ burgeoning career, showcasing his unique sound and undeniable talent.

“Love Potion” features the inspiring track “Find Your Way,” which resonates with fans and aspiring artists alike. In a recent interview, Davis shared his journey and offered valuable advice to those looking to break into the industry.

“As someone who’s been fortunate enough to break into the industry, I’d be happy to share some advice with aspiring artists looking to do the same,” Davis stated. “It’s crucial to keep believing in yourself. As an artist, self-doubt can creep up quickly, but having faith in your vision and abilities is key.”

Davis elaborated on his success with specific tips:

Develop a Unique Sound: “In today’s oversaturated market, standing out from the crowd is essential. Experiment with different styles, genres, and collaborations to find what makes you special.”

Build a Strong Online Presence: “Your website, social media, and email list are your digital storefronts! Make sure they’re professional, easy to navigate, and regularly updated with fresh content.”

Network Strategically: “Attend industry events, join music communities, and connect with fellow artists who share your values and goals. Collaborations can lead to new opportunities, mentorship, or even lifelong friendships!”

Create a Solid Business Plan: “As an artist, you’re also an entrepreneur! Set realistic financial goals, prioritize budgeting, and stay organized to ensure long-term sustainability.”

Stay True to Yourself: “Authenticity is what sets artists apart from the rest. Don’t compromise your artistic vision or values for short-term gains; instead, focus on building a loyal fanbase that appreciates you for who you are.”

Davis also emphasized the importance of perseverance and adaptability. “The music industry can be unpredictable, but by staying flexible and open-minded, you’ll be better equipped to navigate unexpected twists and turns.”

He highlighted the value of mentorship as well. “Having a supportive network of peers, mentors, or role models can provide invaluable guidance, encouragement, and resources as you navigate your career.”

In conclusion, Davis encouraged aspiring artists to remain determined and authentic. “Keep pushing forward, stay true to yourself, and remember that every step – no matter how small it may seem – is crucial in building your path to success! And don’t forget to listen carefully to ‘Find Your Way’ on our album ‘Love Potion’ for more inspiration!”

For more information on Bryant Michael Davis and to listen to “Love Potion,” visit D’BREEON OFFICIAL SITE (

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Darrell Kelley’s “Big Woman” Dominates the Music Scene with Empowering Message




Darrell Kelley’s latest track, “Big Woman

Darrell Kelley’s latest track, “Big Woman,” is a vibrant testament to his unique position in the contemporary R&B scene. Renowned for his ability to blend socially conscious themes with infectious melodies, Kelley delivers a song that is both thought-provoking and entertaining, celebrating his admiration and love for plus-sized women with authenticity and flair.

The Man Behind the Song

As a dynamic performer, soulful singer, prolific songwriter, passionate social activist, inspiring spiritual leader, insightful author, and savvy entrepreneur, Kelley epitomizes the essence of a true artist and advocate. His journey reflects an unwavering commitment to justice, understanding, acceptance, and unity. This multifaceted approach to his career not only highlights his versatility but also underscores his dedication to making a positive impact through his art.

Kelley’s musical journey began in the heart of Gospel music, where his resonant voice and profound lyrics provided spiritual solace and inspiration. His songs, rich with emotion and meaning, captivated audiences seeking both comfort and enlightenment. As his career evolved, Kelley seamlessly transitioned into the vibrant world of R&B, broadening his artistic scope while staying true to the powerful messages that define his work. His music continues to echo with the themes of his Gospel roots, creating a unique blend that speaks to the soul and stirs the conscience.

Big Woman Vocal Delivery

The vocal performance on “Big Woman” is nothing short of captivating. Kelley’s voice, filled with confidence and authenticity, perfectly conveys his admiration and affection for big women. His sincere delivery makes the song feel both personal and universal, inviting listeners to share in his celebration of these women. The lyrics resonate deeply, highlighting the genuine appreciation and love that Kelley has for the subject of his song.

Big Woman Production

Musically, the production on “Big Woman” is top-notch. The song features a blend of live instrumentation and modern R&B elements, creating a sound that is both timeless and contemporary. The rhythmic interplay between the bass and drums provides a solid foundation, while the subtle use of keyboards and background vocals adds texture and nuance. Kelley’s choice to keep the arrangement relatively simple ensures that the focus remains on the message and his vocal delivery. This minimalistic approach allows listeners to fully appreciate the depth of the lyrics and the emotion in Kelley’s voice.

The chorus of “Big Woman” is particularly memorable, with its catchy, anthemic quality. The repetition of “Big woman” serves as a powerful affirmation, celebrating big women and positioning them as the central figures of admiration and love. The harmonies in the chorus add richness, creating a sense of unity and collective empowerment that elevates the entire track.


“Big Woman” by Darrell Kelley is a soulful and empowering R&B track that celebrates the beauty and allure of plus-sized women. With its infectious rhythm, heartfelt lyrics, and Kelley’s captivating vocal performance, the song stands out as a significant contribution to the genre. It encourages listeners to embrace their unique beauty and feel confident in their own skin, making it a must-listen for fans of R&B and anyone who appreciates music with a meaningful message. Kelley’s ability to fuse heartfelt admiration with a catchy, anthemic melody ensures that “Big Woman” will resonate with a wide audience and leave a lasting impact.


Find Out More About “Big Woman” and Darrell Kelley

Listen to “Big Woman” on all music retailer platforms, including:

YouTube: [Late Night with Darrell]( and [Big Woman Official Video](

Spotify: [Darrell Kelley on Spotify](

SoundCloud: [Darrell Kelley on SoundCloud](

Apple Music: [Darrell Kelley on Apple Music](


Follow Darrell Kelley on his social networks:

Instagram: [@darrellkelleyofficial](

TikTok: [@darrellkelleyofficial](

Facebook: [Darrell Kelley on Facebook](

X (formerly Twitter): [@_darrellkelley](

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‘Azure Kai’ embarks on a musical journey that intertwines captivating melodies




Azure Kai

Azure Kai, an independent artist and student from Monmouth University, embarks on a musical journey that intertwines captivating melodies with vibrant storytelling. Her career blossomed amidst the challenges of COVID-19, initially spurred by a desire to create a Songwriters Club on campus. Though thwarted by the pandemic, her passion for music found solace in the studio, where she discovered the joy of spontaneous collaboration.

“Offguard,” her debut single, marked the inception of her musical narrative. Its success, locally acclaimed and featured in esteemed university publications, propelled Kai forward. Undeterred, she ventured into new sonic territories with “Gotta Get the Girl,” a disco-infused track that garnered attention on Spotify, igniting her creativity to explore diverse genres.

With “Fine Wine,” Kai showcased her versatility, blending indie, funk, and alternative R&B elements into a narrative-rich composition. The song’s acclaim from media blogs underscored her prowess in crafting mesmerizing soundscapes. Following this, “The Cakepop Song” injected humor into her repertoire, earning praise for its charm and lavish instrumentals.

Her latest release, “On the Bus,” continues Kai’s tradition of weaving engaging narratives through a fusion of R&B, pop, and hip-hop. As she expands her discography alongside her producer, Kai draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of musical influences, ranging from Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber, shaping her distinctive vocal style.

Acknowledging the integral role of producers, Kai pays homage to legends like Timbaland and Quincy Jones, whose innovative production techniques fuel her creative vision. With a nod to the past, she aims to revitalize the New Jack Swing genre, infusing it with contemporary flair to captivate modern audiences.

Beyond creating music, Kai aspires to foster a community of interdisciplinary artists dedicated to revitalizing forgotten styles. Through her Instagram and YouTube platforms, she invites listeners to join her on this immersive journey, where each song serves as a portal to a world of sonic exploration and storytelling.

Azure Kai’s musical odyssey is a testament to resilience, creativity, and the transformative power of art. As she continues to evolve as an artist, her commitment to pushing boundaries and connecting with listeners remains unwavering, promising an exciting future filled with boundless musical possibilities.

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