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Passionate Artist Mike Vallejo Makes a Dent in the Hip-hop Industry by Excellence Music and Versatility



Mike Vallejo

Making a dent in the music industry might feel like a daunting task, given how big the market has become. But that’s exactly what passionate and rising artist Mike Vallejo is doing. For him, there is nowhere else he would rather be.

Mike Vallejo is a brilliant and creative artist from Portland living in Vegas and LA. He is a go-getter who pushes his artistic creativity to his maximum potential using any skills or tools he comes across. He is always challenging the boundaries to create a music experience unlike any other. 

Establishing a successful career in the very competitive hip-hop industry can be an extremely challenging journey for anyone relatively new to the business. However, the profound desire for talent often compels artists to pursue their dreams despite not being supported by big music labels, producers, and music executives. 

The rise of social and digital media has provided an avenue for promising hip-hop artists to produce music and make it accessible to the masses without putting out a ridiculous amount of money. The truth is that independent music artists today flourish on various streaming platforms, all thanks to this generation’s exceptional technology. 

Aside from following his passion for being a successful hip-hop artist, Mike Vallejo is also an entrepreneur. He finds ways to show the world a new method of promoting and producing classic and legendary songs that will surpass generations. Mike Vallejo is the embodiment of a versatile artist who thrives in songwriting and producing and is also well-versed in the market and promoting his creations. “More than being just a lyricist, I also took inspiration from producers like Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and others who were pulling the strings behind the scenes,” Mike shared. As a flourishing entrepreneur, Mike upholds the importance of taking control of the distribution, marketing, and overall engagement processes included in developing a good brand. In addition, he sees the value of artists who also possess an entrepreneurial mindset to survive in the music industry. 

Present-day digital technology has provided big music labels and independent artists equal rights in streaming and promoting albums and singles. Mike sees a never-ending transformation and growth among various music platforms that any music executive and artist ought to be particular about.

“Music platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music require specific engagements that I developed and tested on my own,” revealed Mike. Some years ago, nobody thought that non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or cryptocurrency for that matter, would become a huge hit. But visionary entrepreneurs like Mike Vallejo saw the potential in these ventures. Being able to grasp emerging trends and investment opportunities as an artist makes a huge difference in pursuing one’s musical dreams and is also another way to help artists excel.

“An interesting strategy to leverage is offering NFTs instead of other checkout methods, giving fans the rights and license to the music to promote, leverage, and reuse at their discretion, “ Mike said in an interview. “Through this methodical approach, artists can raise upfront liquidity which in the past was loaned out by the label, where artists would be incentivized to just work harder to earn more.”

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Who Is Tae Daproducer ?



Tae Daproducer

Taevione Lanier also known as Tae Daproducer is an producer- artist from Birmingham AL,
that has been heating up recently in the rap game. He has been dropping music videos along
with producer content on Youtube this past year and has gotten a good amount of attention.

Tae Daproducer has over 100k views on his Youtube videos & nearly 15k followers on Instagram. Tae Daproducer also has over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify , which is continuing to grow. Tae DaProducer looks to keep his momentum going by dropping more music , YouTube videos , and beats on his numerous platforms.

Tae Daproducer has set the standards high for many upcoming artists-producers. He is not only gaining love and fandom for his melodic songs and beats , but also for his risk taking ability to branch into new styles and creative lanes. His focus has always been the people because without them he would be nowhere and his talent would be unheard.Tae Daproducer has always crafted his songs with his fans and audience in mind and believes that to be the best and only approach if you want to truly connect with your fans.

You can find him on all the major platforms such as Apple Music , Instagram , Spotify , and
YouTube simply by searching…

(Apple Music ,Spotify, YouTube ) : Tae Daproducer
(Instagram) : TaeDaproducer_

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Gucci Gordy turns his music hobby into a lifestyle



Gucci Gordy

Q. Who is Gucci Gordy? Gucci Gordy is the mmelinum version of Barry Gordy of Motwn.

Q. How’d you get into the music industry to begin with? I started in St Louis, and it started out as a hobby.

Q. Why would an artist get dropped from a major label? Does it all just come down to the bottom line? An artist would get dropped by not meeting expectations versus the risk of the investment. It does because labels lose a lot of money because they spend money frivolously and if an artist don’t recoup their money, they get dropped. Major Labels spend money differently and artist are left to recoup. Any artist would have to have an upward trajectory.

Q. I constantly hear incredibly impressive singing talents in places like the rice houses in St. Louis or even street corners in Detroit … why don’t some people get discovered while other less talented people do? Because they work harder. If it’s meant to happen, it will happen.

Q. Which is more important for musician’s success: talent or marketability? Both

Q. How important is seeing a band play live in deciding whether to sign them? Important because you get to see the full package from their stage presence, crowd interaction, and crowd likability.

Q. How do A&R’s search for new talent these days? Word of mouth and research on all social media platforms.

Q. How do you stay organized in such a vast industry? Repeating the same protocol, creating a curriculum and staying consistent by creating a regime and sticking to the process.

Q. What was the most recent signing that you were a part of? I signed Leeky G Bando, artist based out of New York, Chris Echols, and Destineeee Lynn.

Q. Where can the world follow you? @guccigordy

Q. What’s next for you in the music world? As an executive, my next move is scaling the business up by diversifying my portfolio by signing labels and international artist.

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DMV Artist Oca Stacks Is Trending With His Recent Releases





Oca Stacks is an on the rise recording artist from the DMV (D.C, Maryland, Virginia) area. Since pursuing music he has been gaining a ton of attention locally but looks to start making his presence known around the globe. The tragic death of his brother is what ultimately ignited his passion to pursue music. It was the catalyst to Oca Stacks taking on music as more than a hobby. Since this pivotal moment, he has been serious about his music career and takes it more seriously than ever.

Oca Stacks has a sound of his own. His sound is unique and unlike any other artist in the industry. When creating content Oca uses the mic to vent his pain. Recording allows him to tell his story and express his pain and life lessons on a track. It’s like therapy. Currently, Oca Stacks is pushing his latest release titled “25K”. This song was created after his house arrest release. While having to stay at home due to their house arrest he was not able to go to the studio. So as soon as he was released he went that same day and recorded “25K”. A hit record. The song gained him a ton of notoriety once it was released and is still to this day.

While marketing that single he is working on a project as well. An EP titled “ My Time Is Now”. The project will also feature his single “FK UP’ which is set to drop on October 31st of this year. Oca Stacks is made for music. His sound is infectious, gritty, and easily enjoyable to all walks of life. If you have not already, be sure to check his single “25K” out now.

Stream Oca Stacks Here

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