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Jertaker: A young musician and enterpreneur who built his own business




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Interview with Jertaker an American Musician, Entrepreneur, Content Creator & Wrestler

Journalist : Introduce yourself

I’m Jertaker, an American Musician, Entrepreneur, Content Creator & Wrestler from Buffalo, NY. I am 19 years old, and I represent EC City Productions or (E.C.P.) and the House of Trouble or the (H.O.T.). EC City Productions is a company, label, a business group that does many things such as music production, music distribution, marketing, videography, photography, business, content/entertainment, and much more. I am the founder/owner of this production. The House of Trouble is a group of extreme people who do crazy/extravagant activities for fun, entertainment, and experiences. Activities include getting pepper-sprayed, tased, stung by a scorpion, the world’s hottest challenges, sky diving, and much more. I am considered one of the most daring competitors of the group.

Journalist : What first got you into the entertainment world?

I have been doing YouTube for years, and I did it for fun for a long time. Probably like 10-12 years from now since I started YouTube. Eventually, I got introduced to, which is now TikTok. But before it changed to TikTok, I told my followers to follow my YouTube channel because I preferred YouTube. After that, I started getting a lot of attention to my videos, and around that time in 2015, I started making music as well. Now with the music, I have progressed a lot since then. Back then, I wasn’t good at making music, but I have increased my skill level by over 100% since then.

Journalist: Which mainstream artists inspire you and what qualities do you admire about them?

I would say Rick Ross, Olivia Rodrigo, The Kid Laroi, Iann Dior, KSI or Halsey. I just like their lyrical ability, how their voices fit well with the types of music they make, and how well their character works with their music. Rick Ross has a unique style of rapping that is hard not to like, along with KSI. The rest have a good singing rap/singing style that is catchy and lyrical and sounds naturally great.

Journalist : How would you describe your music?

I want people to see my work as something unique. Something out of the ordinary and put together with passion and dedication. I tend to do extravagant pieces of art, and I’m getting better by the day. I also have a lot of great work like this that will release soon that I believe no one has done before.

Journalist: What is the story behind your latest song and what key projects are you working on this year?

My last release, “Moment of Truth,” featuring Boston MA artist: “PVRTH,” had some success and was my first multi-genre song. It had its fair share of pop, rock, and hip hop. It was about two things, including how most people in the music game are spending a fortune and that the truth gets out. So, time can only tell where everyone will get. The other meaning behind this song is that someone like myself experiences fan recognition from my face.

In contrast, someone like PVRTH experiences fan recognition from his mask. When your face gets recognized with fame, it is hard to live the double life of privacy and fame. But when your face gets recognized with stardom, you can live a life of solitude and fame without a problem. I thought it was interesting because I’m sure many others wouldn’t think about this until it’s too late.

The projects I have for this year that I’m working on are plenty of songs. I have remixes of my old songs coming soon, two albums, two EP’s, and many singles. Some of which will be solo songs and some with collaborations. I hope to have release dates soon.

Journalist: How do you want to be perceived by your fans and what’s one message that you want them to know?

I want those to see me as someone who started from knowing nothing in the industries that I’m in to now being able to pull off almost anything due to the amount of information I’ve obtained and the work I’ve put in.Remember to invest in yourself no matter what pressure may come and never give up on what you truly want.

Journalist: What life lessons have you learned so far in your music journey?

I stuck to what I do best, learned from my mistakes, and tried my best to maintain functional bridges and never burn any.

Journalist: Where can people follow you? (Link your social media accounts)

For all information about Jertaker click on this link:


For strictly just social media click here:

Jertaker’s Social Media | Linktree



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Instagram: @Not.Bearzy (

YouTube: @BearzyTV


All Platforms:

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1. My son Richard has been my inspiration to develop my idea. Despite being diagnosed with Autism at age three, Richard has shown incredible resilience and strength. Every day, he strives to better himself. I am inspired by the impact he has had on my life and his own remarkable accomplishments.

2. Since starting this nonprofit organization, my priorities have undergone significant changes, particularly in decision-making. I have come to understand that consistency and order are crucial for a nonprofit to thrive. Without these essential attributes, the organization could face numerous challenges.

3. When launching any business, there are always opportunities for improvement. Starting from scratch provides valuable learning experiences that foster business growth. Embracing failures and learning from mistakes are integral parts of this journey, propelling us forward.

received 1055979795447346

4. I chose to register this company as a nonprofit organization because it enables me to help children embrace art as a hobby. Witnessing children communicate and thrive in a joyful environment gives me a sense of fulfillment and reassurance that I am making a productive difference.

5. Overcoming the fear of failure was the most significant challenge I had to face. I constantly reminded myself that I was capable of success. Self-belief is the foundation for gaining the confidence needed to build a successful business.

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6. What sets Leo Lion Club Foundation, Inc. apart is its unique approach. We raise awareness about Autism through art and provide support for today’s youth. The concept of incorporating painting as a means of expression resonates with children of all ages, while parents appreciate its value in the Brooklyn communities we serve.

7. My advice would be to remain dedicated to your mission and always appreciate those who support and contribute to your business’s growth. Parents who join you on this journey and the children who bring joy to your establishment deserve your gratitude. Additionally, practicing courtesy and effective time management can greatly assist you.

8. Success is determined by the level of effort you are willing to invest in taking your business to the next level. What you receive from your business is proportional to what you put into it. This dedicated effort can lead to great results, such as success, growth, and financial gain.

9. The most enjoyable aspect of starting my company has been the overwhelming positive response from everyone, especially on social media platforms. The recognition and appreciation for the Leo Lion Club Foundation, Inc. reaffirm the honor I feel in serving children with autism and the communities we engage with.

Leo Lion Club Foundation Inc | Facebook

Rena Pennix Alexander (@leolionclubfoundation) • Instagram photos and videos

Leo Lion Club Foundation, Inc. (@LeoLionClubInc) / X (

Go fund me link

Fundraiser by Rena Pennix Alexander : Expression of Art through Autism (

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