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Interview With Eugene Campbell lll Professional basketball player entrepreneur and philanthropist




Eugene Campbell
Leonard magazine

Hi! How Are You?

I am blessed and happy to be alive and blessed to be able to play the sport I love professionally.

Tell us about your background, what has gotten you to where you are today?

My name is Eugene Campbell III. I am a third named after my father and grandfather. I have a sister and two lovely parents Kim and Eugene Campbell Jr. I am a college graduate from New Jersey City University. I have three degrees including an Associates Bachelors and Masters degree in psychology. I own a nonprofit organization called walkamilenourshoes in which we hand deliver shoes, clothes and essential needs to those in need all over the world. We have helped many communities around the States from New Jersey to New York to Pennsylvania, Utah and even in Europe. I am also a proud brother of Psi Sigma Phi Multicultural fraternity Inc. which has had a huge impact in my life. I am also the owner of a clothing brand called dif-fer-ent. The message behind the brand is to inspire those to be themselves no matter what others say or thing always be you. Being dif-fer-ent is good and it makes us who we are. I have reached this point in my life by being resilient and ambitious. I never settle and I’m never comfortable with being average. I also want to do better and this has helped me reach success. I give everything in life 110% and I never give up. Even if I fail I learn from my failure and the next time around I always figure out how to succeed in whatever it was that I failed doing. I always walk around with a chip on my shoulder especially on the basketball court. I play every game like it is my last and like I have something to prove. This has made me the man I am today.


Where are you from?

I am from Jersey City, New Jersey.

Can you tell us a story about what brought you to this specific career path?

Basketball is something that has been in my family since I was a little boy. My father played basketball along with my sister so basketball wasn’t very foreign in my household growing up. Although I was around the game I didn’t start taking it seriously until I was cut from the basketball team my freshman year of high school. I wasn’t cut because of my talent, I was cut because the coach had his favorites. This is what gave me that permanent chip on my shoulder that I have today.

I came back sophomore year making the JV team then played varsity my Junior and Senior year. It wasn’t until the last game of my senior year in high school that I wanted to take basketball to the next level. I was able to have a solid college career playing and put in a lot of late nights and early mornings of hard work which gave me the opportunity to play basketball overseas. Now I am in my second year of playing overseas looking to play in multiple countries following my dreams and motivating others around me.

Who are some of the most interesting people you have interacted with?

The most interesting people that I have interacted with are the people in these European countries I have been in. They are interesting because they have such a different upbringing than me as an American man and their culture is very different than mine. It is very interesting to see how the people in Moldova laughed at me for purchasing plastic forks and spoons calling me strange. It is very normal in my upbringing to use plastic forks and spoons but in Moldova they are very traditional using silverware. It was very interesting in Armenia to see people never using a dryer when they are doing laundry. In America people always use dryers after washing clothes but here it is very traditional to just let clothes dry outside whether its hot outside or not.

You have been blessed with success in a career path that can be challenging. Do you have any words of advice for others?

My word advice to the beautiful people in the world is that if tou have a dream write it down and look at it every single day. Make sure that everyday you are working towards your dream and don’t let anyone or anything stop you from working towards it. We all have the same 24 hours in a day to make sure yours is productive goal oriented. As long as you work hard and trust the process all of your dreams will become a reality.

How can our Audience Connect with you?

You can connect with me on Instagram @i_am_gene_campbell

Twitter @iamgenecampbell

Facebook @Eugene Campbell


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Rebuild Your Laugh GALA Awards and Dinner





For Release Time

April 30th 2023

Rebuild Your Laugh

GALA Awards and Dinner

Hollywood— April 30th 2023 At the event, Rebuild Your Laugh announces there 1st Annual “GALA Ball”. This is a prestigious organization in hopes to receive funding to continue REBUILDING LAUGHS in our local community.

“We are here to create inner inspiration to outer motivation. We believe where there is a void- there is also a solution”- REBUILD YOUR LAUGH

Positive Customer Impact

Our target market includes older adults and children from low income communities in the cities of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Compton, and Gardena. We are here to empower and support everyone through various programs and services such as self- empowerment, education, and community outreach

GALA Ball” Availability

GALA Ball” is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of Rebuild Your Laugh. As a team with Collaborative Partners, Community Leaders, Entertainers, CEO, and VIP Celebrity Guest. We pride ourselves in giving honor where honor is due. We will honor several and amplify the stamp that they have placed in our communities.

Will be held at the celebrity center in Hollywood

We would be elated to have you join us at our 1st Annual GALA Ball. Our goal is acquire enough charitable donations to invest in a building where we can house “The School Of Mass Production”. 

For more information, press only:

Nakea Gray-Founder

For more information on GALA Ball”:

Nakea Gray-Founder


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Many musicians will probably agree that the most challenging part about being one doesn’t lie in creating new music but instead in reaching the target audience and promoting your music effectively.
one of the most popular features on instagram right now is instagram post,reels particularly if you address a millennial audience.


We have 2 large music publishing platforms for upcoming artist musicians we aspire to provide our clients the kind of publicity. They need to differentiate themselves in the music market. Hard work, talents and marketing can go a long way in terms of your music career! We give our best work our goal is to help young artists to fulfill unless their full potential.


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“Cannabis saved my life” By Cannamuscle Russell




“Cannabis saved my life” By Cannamuscle Russell

Once I learned how to tame my urges, for being chemically dependent on some sort of substance, my life got much better. Sticking to just bud was always very difficult for me. I’m sure very difficult for people who can’t have access to cannabis. so I get it. if I just stuck to weed, it would have saved me a lot of money, heartache, jail, rehabs and part of my sole for over a decade. I was down and out baby on a permanent sick one shooting heroin, Coke and speed until I was homeless or in jail. then Id clean up and repeat the whole process. every time I did that I was super serious about it too. Fully ready to quit. But kept fucking up. Over and over again. Each time burning, bridges and losing the trust from everyone in my life. You know the story? I’m not unique.. after 12 rehabs , shortest being three months, longest was two years, a HUD funded lifestyle of a rotating door to the verge of death, only to get everything back, then throw it all away again. I like to wait till my life got real good then fuck it up.


That’s how I rolled. I was homeless in the mountains still trying to grow pot lol. My priorities were all fucked up, but I knew bud. So I had that going for me. I obsessed over it since I was 15 years old. I just happened to obsess over drugs better and took a fat detour. Bud was always a constant through all that.. growing, selling it to support my drug habit until I got rolled, then lose my place to grow. And place I was staying at.. once all that went away then it was hustle time, no grow, no bud, and in a fat drug habit still. So that’s when pawnshops became my best friend, until they all black balled me.. then I knew I was getting close to the point of jail or some kind of institution. you could feel it coming every time , can’t hide from karma.. and I didn’t… it finally caught up to me hard.


I barely scratched the surface on how fucked shit was. I try not to get into war stories, but some of it is necessary so I can relate with someone else who is going through the same thing. Now I got almost 8 years clean off all that garbage. now I look at my track marks and scars as a reminder and a badge of honor. Thank God I was able to stay alive and stop using finally after a 1000 tries over and over again. With little to no success. It finally clicked after over 10 years of fucking up. was tired of the results so I did something about it. wanting to use drugs never goes away. I’ll tell you that… you just learn to deal with it till that feeling goes away. If I fantasize about it in my head I’m fucked I’ll be getting spun out and doing weird shit in no time so I learn to shut it down in my head. I say fuck that and then smoke some weed then I forget about it. Some days are harder than others so when I’m upset or emotional, I have to be very guarded with my self so I don’t use it as an excuse to go pick up  Because I’ll rationalize that shit. It’s an internal battle with your soul, the difference between right and wrong, that devil and angel shit on your shoulders. Once you tell yourself, that’s not an option anymore it’s much easier to have control over that devil on your conscious. just punk his ass and smoke weed . If I didn’t have cannabis in my life, I would not be in the situation I was in. if I’m not growing bud or trying to make the dankest Kush ever, I’m not whole or happy. that’s when things go bad, when you’re not happy, it’s only a matter time before you give in to your vices. purpose gives motivation and drive, find purpose. Focus on yourself and don’t give yourself passes, then you will have eight years before you know it. do what makes you happy , and for me It was growing pot and  saving the dankest Kush and exotics on earth, then grow it better than anyone else… this is still my soul focus in life , everything else that comes from it is just icing on the cake . I’ve been growing pot for 22 years and I don’t plan on ever stopping now. I focus on giving back to the newer grower and educating them on my formula and recipe for growing cannabis. It’s been awesome turning grows around for people and getting them some of the dankest pot in the world and only took a few months verse the 22 years it took me to get to the same level. Plus it’s bud they grew and created themselves. It’s very rewarding.


I enjoy giving away all my secrets that took me 20 years to learn and doing it for free for the smaller batch grower , what they learn from me will carry with them for the rest of their life. It’s the foundation for all their grows in the future. Giving back what was given to me was and is the biggest part of my recovery as well as my mission in life. it’s how I got all my knowledge and access to genetics and networking. It all comes down to giving back and not expecting anything in return.  Do it because you love it . then just sit back and enjoy the ride. I just want people to smoke better weed and open their eyes to how bud and Kush used to be. It ultimately shows them how bad bud really has gotten. once they try my work their is no comparison to anything you can buy or get… the majority of cannabis out there is not grown like this. A small batch craft grow with proper care and attention will always smash on large scale grow operations.  you just can’t do it, it’s not gonna happen. So support your local dealer and your local grower, the buds better anyways.  the stores don’t deserve my bud. I get it directly to the consumer with no middleman, small batch craft , first come first serve and a seasonal product.  when it’s gone it’s gone , wait till the next one. you can’t rush top shelf shit, that’s the problem with bud now, it’s rushed in every aspect: growing, drying processing, and storage. They be fucking all that up hard. Then they’re all copying each other like it’s dope. Fuck that. step aside and Let Cannamuscle show you how it’s done. I am the muscle of cannabis….

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