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“Channing Callahan” CEO of ”Twinz Kitchen Inc.” where you can make life a little easier on yourself.



Cook for the people
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Please present about your profile what are you working now

Twinz Kitchen Inc. is where you can make life a little easier on yourself. Oftentimes our schedules get busy and we are too tired to cook, yet alone cook for our families or ourself. Twinz Kitchen will prepare and deliver healthy delicious weekly meals right to your door. Allow us to meal prep your breakfast, lunches, and dinners.

The convenience of not having to worry about the thought process of “What’s for dinner?,” takes away a lot of the worry, in addition to knowing that your meals are healthy and in alignment with a healthy lifestyle. Twinz Kitchen Inc. also has catering options available. Whether its an intimate gathering, large dinner party or a dinner for two, we can serve you.

Lastly, Twinz Kitchen Inc. is about Community Giveback, CEO, Channing Callahan has always promised herself and God that if God showed her what her purpose is, that she would assure him that she would give back. For every meal bought a $1-$5 donation would go to her Community Giveback to help feed the less fourunate.

What inspired you to develop your idea?

I felt like my like had purpose but I didn’t know what it was, so I fast and prayed and God spoke to me and told me to “Cook for the people”. So I did, and that was the start of Twinz Kitchen!!

How have your priorities changed from when you first started?

Absolutely, my vision in life has changed along with my mindset. I put God in front of everything, then family, and time for myself. I dream bigger and my passion to help others in the process has heightened.

Knowing what you know now, is there anything you would have done differently when you were first starting out?

No, I believe in the process of my purpose. It’s in the process where I become stronger, wiser, and it’s where my faith grows. Trusting God on everything even when it doesn’t make sense.

How did you decide where to establish your company?

As I mentioned earlier, God told me the vision of Twinz Kitchen so he gave me the key players each step of the way, I met people who were equip to get me to the next stage of building my business.

What challenges did you have to overcome at the beginning of your journey?

I had to get rid of doubt and unbelief i had to began to build my faith and change my mindset, reminding myself that God gave me this so I’m meant to be here, and trusting the process.

What is unique about your business?
I will be remembered my the lives my food will touch!!! It’s not only about the food, it’s the interaction with people, the conversations, the laughter shared from event to event!!! They will  remember how excellent Twinz Kitchen served them.

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to become an entrepreneur?

Pray on what to build and just GO… don’t stop because every step you take will take you closer to your goal which will make your dream possible.

How do you define success?

Success can only be measured by your efforts.
I celebrated big wins as well has small ones. I Simply learn from my mistakes and grow from there. That’s what success is, just don’t give up!!!

What have you enjoyed most about starting your own company?

Growing into this business has taught me how to keep going, to not get down and out when things don’t go as planned. It’s shown me what being consistent looks like. And lastly, Believing and knowing that God will do what He said He would do.

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Epilepsy Awareness Raised by Influencer Cruella Morgan



Epilepsy Awareness Raised by Influencer Cruella Morgan

Among other things, influencers create engaging and captivating content to promote brands, events, and lifestyles. Over time, social media influencers have become some of the most creative content creators in the world, and their followings have grown across multiple platforms. They also lead the charge on promoting mental health awareness and social conditions that the public needs to be aware of. A majority, if not all, of the content influencers post on social media does not depict their actual lives. Influencer, model, and mental health advocate Cruella Morgan knows this truth all too well and has decided to remain as genuine as possible in order to connect with her fans on a different level. 

Being true to herself presented Cruella with a lot of challenges in getting respect within the industry. Despite the fact that she uses body tattoos as a form of artistic expression, people find her persona challenging to accept online. In spite of this, she knows that she won’t be able to please everyone. In order to preserve her mental health and passion for what she truly loves, she simply chose to connect with those who appreciate authenticity in an industry that thrives on pretense rather than authenticity. One of Cruella’s main missions is to raise awareness about epilepsy as a condition and to promote social awareness through her platform.

Affluent and determined to succeed, Cruella chooses to make use of her platform and popularity to help others. “No one ever really took me seriously, so I used that as motivation to show people I can do it on my own,” the young influencer shared. 

Cruella has made mental health her personal advocacy, knowing that a lot of young people out there struggle with it day in and out. She hopes that by sharing her story, she can convey to others the message that they are not alone in their struggles, and that someone like her cares deeply about them. It is due to the unhealthy tone and tone associated with mental health that some influencers are reluctant to discuss it. Cruella’s approach, however, is quite different. A valuable service is empowering people to become better versions of themselves by helping them process their circumstances. 

After witnessing many people suffer from the effects of isolation, loss, and fear during the pandemic season, she began advocating for mental health. Her advocacy for self-love and creating a strong support system has only increased over the years. 

A healthier, more enjoyable lifestyle is what she promotes in addition to a brand. She has continued to enjoy the support of her loyal fans due to the fact that her fan base is loyal and growing. 

Cruella has always wanted to be visible on social media since she was a child. It has become clear to her over time that this powerful tool is capable of much more than just taking beautiful pictures. Her message of hope, love, and kindness could reach the whole world. 

Quite recently, Cruella was able to create a safe space for people in the digital world where they can just be themselves without fear of being rejected or judged. And if there is also one place where she finds peace, she confidently answered, “My discord server. Everyone that joins finds their place in this world. They feel less alone. They find friends,” she revealed.

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Serial Entrepreneur, Salim Khan shares business strategies with Master Class Series



Salim Khan

When Salim Khan opened his first restaurant, he had a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard – and the place failed. He later learned that owning a successful dining establishment takes so much more than good thoughts. Today he owns one of the Atlanta area’s top restaurants, The Spice House.
Now, Salim Khan will share some of his strategies and lessons learned in an online master class, “How to Start a Sold-Out, Niche-Based Restaurant in Any City of Market and Dominate the Competition.” The program offers a series of six self-paced modules that can provide those with restaurant dreams practical information about what it realistically takes to create a restaurant in today’s world and keep it open.
It’s not news that restaurant ownership isn’t easy, but this course breaks down the steps in planning ahead, researching your market and understanding your costs, long before your first meal comes out of the kitchen.

For more info or to sign up visit and and follow him @fivestarsinvestments

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