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An Exclusive Interview with ‘Samara Bumba’ known as Dazdore from The UK, Founder of ‘KHAISA’




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Q. Tell me about First your Jewellery brand?
I created my business to be classy on the budget. My idea of KHAISA was to be a sophisticated and unique brand  that female would wear it and automatically feel sexier and more beautiful.
KHAISA was designed to be an accessory to boost customers’ looks and appearance.
Q. How did you come up with your business idea?
I always been interested on fashion and during COVID, like everybody else I was worried and stressed.
I needed something to keep me busy and at the same time make me productive. Out of the blue I came up with the idea of creating my own jewellery brand because at that time I thought would be something that I could easily afford.
Q. What were you doing before this, and is this your first business?
I am a graduate and post graduate in Petroleum Engineering but I have never felt that it was my calling or something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
Doing my degree I always felt incomplete as if something was missing but I end up doing it because I didn’t want that to leave it unfinished.
During my UNI days I used to sell clothes back home in Angola whenever I went on holidays. Also, because people knew I know and love fashion they would hire me to be their personal shopper and help them with their overall shopping.
Q. Did you operate your business from your ONLINE shop?
I also had an Instagram page back in 2014 where I used to connect with customers and show them the stock I had at the moment.
It was a bit similar from my current page but it wasn’t professional at this level but it helped me quite a lot at that time. Because I managed to raise a good money.
Q. What were the challenges and benefits to this strategy?
Starting your own brand is always a challenge wether budget, manufacturing, connections, packaging, building relationships, marketing and advertising .
The business needs space and time to grow as a business. Some brands when they start they already know their niche but sometimes you start building a brand, you know what product you want to sell or offer but you don’t have a clear picture or idea of it.
But people need to understand that this is normal. You don’t have to compare yourself to anyone, you just need to do your best, understand your vision and keep moving forward.
Q. How has your experience in running the business been different from what you expected?
My business thought me a lot. But mainly having patience and faith and also being focus and determined on my goals.
I know it is easy to say. Sometimes problems might come and you need to quickly solve them or even some changes might occur and you, specially and a founder you need to be open minded and flexible to adjust.
I also learned that the business is always changing. Because people are different and keep changing what they want according to what is in fashion at that time. Your response and a fashion brand owner needs to act fast to satisfy your customers otherwise you can loose customers and reduce your sales because your products are not what people are looking for.
Q. What advice would you give to somebody else who wanted to start an online retail business?
My first advice is to tell them to “START” they business because one can grow so much just by starting the business.
You need to start your business as soon as you have a budget and a clear picture of what you want to sell. Most things we adjust along the way but it is good to go through some struggles and frustrations because it will make you stronger as a person and as a brand owner.
When you understand that problems or uncomfortable situations are normal in business nothing can stop you from going where you are destined to be.
In conclusion, it is alright if you don’t have everything figure out. Allow yourself to evolve and your business is growing and progressing. Keep delivering a good work, find an honest team or people to help you and learn how to differ positive criticism and hate from people that want to see you win.
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Emerging Artist ‘Desean Aka Szn’ CEO of Goldsoundszn & Leaf Gang Ent.,





Journalist- Hello !!! How are you ?

What’s good I’m doing well today

Journalist-Please, Introduce yourself?

Hey world it’s desean aka Szn head of Goldsoundszn & Leaf Gang ent. I’m an upcoming artist representing evansville indiana, I’m 27, father of 3 rest in paradise baby girl. And I’m blessed that y’all have me for this interview today.

Journalist What got you into music and made you realize that it was your chosen path?

1 use to dream about rapping or making music when I was 5, I’ve been in love with music since I knew who my favorite artists were at a certain point in time. I didn’t start writing till my friends in high school wanted to start rapping, and we all discussed it and really I started to start writing from that day on . My first song was on our school netbooks we were assigned for the year. I recorded it on a program call audacity. And it’s been up ever since . I realized this was meant for me when I kept pushing to get better and be as good as my favorites in the industry today.

Journalist- What story behind your Success?

– Really, I’ve been pushing for something big ever since I started. I wanted my own empire, and I chased my celebrity crush in the beginning of it too lol it was crazy cause I even made a song to her and one of them which is named after her.

“Zendaya” is the one she heard and blew it up that day (Always in appreciation for it) . I’ve made quite a bit with a part 2 & 3 behind it but the first one started a lot for me, I gained a good amount of fans, and just making music in general about trying to be the next artist up and and telling my story from where I am to where I want to be and what I’m working for is what pushed me to become the artist I am to day.

Journalist-Tell us about your new single. And what’s the story behind it?

– I just dropped my 4th LP “SZN 2” now out everywhere. And the single I’m promoting from it is called “Better For Me” . This track stands out the most to me and when making it, I was in need of a song that I can really tell where I’ve been to where I’m at in that moment. And it’s obvious it’s directed towards someone or people because the line “better for you no it’s better for me” is basically stating I’m out to do what’s best for me and not you anymore, I tried to help but it wasn’t good enough for them, so as they left and freed me I went and did my thing and I’m doing much better than ever now.

Journalist-What makes your music unique?

it’s my own style of music. My own flow, when you hear it, it’s reminding you of me more than it will of another artist. Comparisons always come by and that’s fine . I put my favorite artists touch on it that’s just out of the love I got for their music Lyrics and sound, I feel like I found a way of making a good solid sound and flow for myself and there’s no lie in the lyrics, it’s all real. We all talk about stuff we are aiming for that we don’t have yet, but I don’t sit there and talk like I got it.

Journalist- What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

Be You . Keep working at your craft and you will always see results. It’s about stay consistent and never giving up on what you want. Aim for the top .

Journalist-And any particular artist/band you would like to collaborate with in the future?

I have so many people like that’s big I would love to work with, I’ll name 5, that’s, Honey Cocaine, Drake, Lil Skies, Coi Leray, and my fav lil Wayne

Journalist-Any upcoming projects in 2023?

– right now I’m still working on stuff for SZN 2 but if possible, they’ll be 2 dropping this fall of 2023

Journalist How our Readers contact with you?

You can contact me on My social medias and website

@Deseaofficial for Twitter/Instagram

Website ur

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Rebuild Your Laugh GALA Awards and Dinner





For Release Time

April 30th 2023

Rebuild Your Laugh

GALA Awards and Dinner

Hollywood— April 30th 2023 At the event, Rebuild Your Laugh announces there 1st Annual “GALA Ball”. This is a prestigious organization in hopes to receive funding to continue REBUILDING LAUGHS in our local community.

“We are here to create inner inspiration to outer motivation. We believe where there is a void- there is also a solution”- REBUILD YOUR LAUGH

Positive Customer Impact

Our target market includes older adults and children from low income communities in the cities of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Compton, and Gardena. We are here to empower and support everyone through various programs and services such as self- empowerment, education, and community outreach

GALA Ball” Availability

GALA Ball” is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of Rebuild Your Laugh. As a team with Collaborative Partners, Community Leaders, Entertainers, CEO, and VIP Celebrity Guest. We pride ourselves in giving honor where honor is due. We will honor several and amplify the stamp that they have placed in our communities.

Will be held at the celebrity center in Hollywood

We would be elated to have you join us at our 1st Annual GALA Ball. Our goal is acquire enough charitable donations to invest in a building where we can house “The School Of Mass Production”. 

For more information, press only:

Nakea Gray-Founder

For more information on GALA Ball”:

Nakea Gray-Founder


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During the past two decades, the music industry changed fundamentally, especially regarding music promotion. Back then, labels would handle everything. Now, artists oversee every step of their journey, from creating music to promoting it on all channels and media. Today, we will discuss how to promote music on Instagram, as this social platform is one of the most inviting when it comes to music promotion opportunities! Are you ready to build a brand for yourself? Let’s see time-tested tips for promoting music on Instagram, whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist!

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Many musicians will probably agree that the most challenging part about being one doesn’t lie in creating new music but instead in reaching the target audience and promoting your music effectively.
one of the most popular features on instagram right now is instagram post,reels particularly if you address a millennial audience.


We have 2 large music publishing platforms for upcoming artist musicians we aspire to provide our clients the kind of publicity. They need to differentiate themselves in the music market. Hard work, talents and marketing can go a long way in terms of your music career! We give our best work our goal is to help young artists to fulfill unless their full potential.


raphop star

Worldrap record

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